Closing this cycle with keeping anything I can private.  Please don’t forget I am a 24/7 Cashier with “Paypal” + “GoFundMe.”

if someone needed Help more than me than WHO IS IT, CAUSE THIS 1 GUY RECEIVING Help gets rids of headaches, heartaches, violenence, bad Mood for all.

Why should I spend so much time on telling one person do something right just once.  My business still needs to function even though there’s 1 thief.  I am going to do things alike I wanted without public being alerted.

img 20161210 215003

Sun is 93 Million Miles Away & Beam Follows Myself

93 Million Miles Away

Moon 238,900 Miles Away & Beam Follows Keith

Radio Steal Beam’s


Extra Electric from Human Here’s Proof Happens All the Time Around Thunder God


img 20170525 174454
Should See What Happens to Metals, Glass in Traffic When Coming Across SUN’S, MY Path