Chicken Grease

Chicken Running Through the Streets, Racists, Taught to me so Unique

Beeper on Floor no picture

Radio Give me a Beep

Now dance to the beat

bleep or give me a beep

Please Tell the Streets

You told Jesus Christ to get on his knees like a movie to spit or swallow in order for disc jockey to give money


Saw me naked and given key how embarrassing, disc jockey gave the key

was suppose to stop homicide stories until disc jockey took me & was cheap

Chicken Grease

Talking Disc Jockey Talking Like He is Fly, Clipped Demon Wings with Chicken Running Through The Streets

Thanks for giving out the key, no RHYME A  parasite

Now Leave

Host Are You Perspiring From the Heat

Nope You got a/c. Chicken grease