Don’t Take Her She’s All I Got

I know I complained thousands of times about the same thing

Don’t want radio responding to me thinking

Never liked any remark

Walking into a Battle Zone, forgetting what I want

After starving

looking so gross need to eat again, I say friend toilet talk

You want to peak & tell
Well dumb friend here you go
Here is your shot

You could buy me a $300,000 townhouse, Bots

Hi 300,000 is not enough

Friends I hate this guy so much

He just digs in, Broadcasting + nothing is happening

Not even Cloud puling, cloud pulling not even

I say friends star
Gosh darn
Where it’s going is saying I farted

Who got this monster started
So who’s going to help me buy a newspaper and saying this song I’m singing

Friend again nothing’s happening

Is this about talent or comprehension

so why don’t you help?

Jacqueline when somehow the community they’re in

Heard a drop

And that’s how friends are telling me what’s going on.  I have friends got to really pay attention

I say friend I’m being invaded by aliens it’s a mic

We don’t have an agreement an agreement

I say friend you’re making this arguments

It’s My Life and you want to do this to my wife and children so Franz I have no one I just forgot to say thanks

No wife bothering bothering

Will friends that’s become the commotion

Friends I got it red does nothing

That’s just my life, great for him, to do nothing, butts friends what about my wife

All right then now you want me to see your children

I say Queens I want to see Christine working

Is it embarrassing or just my wishes before jumping

Perfection, eating candy that’s what I like, very sexy, friends sweets

Back to overcharging
Well that’s me being stampeded by people spying

Should I really try again to get money I know you find it very funny, very funny

Well France cars passing I can hear Eminem saying extraterrestrial let’s be friends

Buy feet walk-in, not failing my attempt

Fran’s notice walk in

I know Reds fine with a walk in closet, as a room to live

Does he speak this language, then do give

Here Comes his announcement of what I did, and collects all the gifts from it, plagiarism Francs

this page is copyrighted

I can picture television sets saying write it

Just watch friends I did nothing and time to tune Into his station

I hear a traffic accident

Being read so use caution

So how about anybody else at this

Yes only source Smiling
Don’t forget plagiarism
Be Law Abiding Citizen

Waiting to the end that’s all host got

I say a friend do you mind I’m in the porti pot