Jan. Thirteenth

Touched her with cold hands Mars reported and I am mean. How many times can you be sorry in oust 5 hours

Wellafter Wacky the Clown ordered #6 at Burger King we had a shut down

jerk ordered a number 1 at McDonalds at 11:56 PM

Now after Kiddie counted two doors….he order a Number 6 on menu at Burger King. Audience responded by all going to Wendy’s at 11:57 PM

Ust poured 2 shots of whiskey. Bar-*tender what will it be a number 1 on menu or number 2 or fast food menu ends Military Services

You are the 309 Americans President Trump’s said that an average of 300 Americans cross the border and wander and get lost.

If her and I watched Military Service and back up in current day comes to a halt. Are you still down,!.

oU a Dope, head addict replied IHOP spokesman, could have told me about eyes and all see what I see

Just need to fill in this seat first watch man. Watch us work. Break you ate on duty. Go outside and stand around. Look like a teacher who knows what he is doing. Drain the Spot A Fly sound pick up. Whispers. Be an adult and know laws

Proud to be an American where at least I know I am free. Gladly stand up and defend her still todayJ

Eye do people’s work. Project. That’s my team the people calling you or turning you on. Your the one turning yourself in on air/ operator make the call

a site like this will make you smile that a highly trained warrior. American history soldier is gonna make changed at root of all Evil..m .any chance I can have his company’s number that wants her and eye to be their company. Must be illegal but he’s not sordid? Sure did

ust gonna wait in garage all day and night hopping we drive. Cut to the chase show the money + yourselves

The outside world. You know your not in proper place

Dead last, a zero

Voting stay . Think he’s getting closer to hear key strokes on key board than that’s an issue.

pitch his non sense or feel her

Hold Up check list

1 qty. Bandanna but LOL I does not know how to spell it.

Qry. Stacks .Money placed in drawer

11:27 PM. This web site only program on. Stations computer. Should we open window to be sucked out


Where’s my children it’s cause your a pervert. Great story telling of devil and his demand for more Hell as long as he can have simence

And husband enough of me for never meeting

Ext me now if you think you cannot hire me plus zGIfundme com web site much better than http://www.Graveltron.com?

Teachers do Not like students having fun acting up, being fools, Giggling, bursting bubbles, call and ask for bathroom pass and ask for signature to consent and authorize we know we are breaking laws but just have to get penis peeing in pitch dark out on radio walk man’s, phones and all stereo systema within range. The sun range in Detroit it’s insulting you won’t let me be me

Oust your all the way up there do you see any books or boobs from your sight seeing Google Earth cameras…..plus from your raider surveillance do you help safety of Earth chosen one and don’t you stare at boobs of husband’s than gloat you the broadcaster saw while perverting

Just follow the plan & everything will be fine teacher replied.

Public speaking generalrule, address the public

He wants we we not to apologize to her and me and all YS world wide

Now all are reading books I am reading like 12 in two weeks. Even as their clerk’s or working in construction their reading what most powerful eyes read. Truth hidden from me to catch afrwd in the act of being pure evilest

10:55 PM+ embarrassments. Imagine your eyes were cameras for history and present to witness even as 1 is working. Energy. Looking too long at toilet paper roll. Rolling eyes at wall. Well that’s been the entertainment………well anything I have seen is broadcast. That’s O scary. But truth. But Freddie would Not tell me that much instead he gave out my passwords, text messages to make a living of web browsing what a loser. But he’s Not embarrassed. Hopefully I learned the hard way and never forget be careful with eyes. Cannot do anything without every animal knowing but that man wants sound plus hide. It doesn’t make sense why he so nasty towards the Lord

Anyways I am still in the works of construction of what to do about boring all I am stuck. He does not know eyes is the mood he thought it’s sound. No mood is what does it take for you Fred to recognize your a maniac. We’re handcuffed together with long chain

He’s a monster lunatic


Party poopers I can put in an overnight shift but shucks if it works and you earn many paychecks for her and I working in bed, hungrier than we suffice, enough or adequate for soldiers…..but this big main event that wants upper deck seats sales to toilet bowls in public restrooms

I can stay up with ADD meds fighting your sleepy possession of cannot hear you with wall and windows us door in way of receiver….so you must scratch GT to give US a show of sound.

Nyways ready to finally hear you without intercom for more than 4 seconds……only heard 1 liners. You think I can be on your show!


10:42 PM should I convert you sex predator?

Thou shall Not covet neighbors wife, not be jealous nor cover couple in bed

10:17 PM buzz at door as household all in dark in bed. To be A sport….this pitch for Freddie giving toilet bowls and showers, beds to Elm Street….well to be a sport we got protection. The talking a bout condom drug protection to Elm street. Broadcaster got blitzed

Staring at the remaining drumstick in his hand

Tell us your running out of excuses! Luckily eye suppose

Holly + Tom we’re long gone by the time I reached front door

I reached the front door the house was empty & quiet. I sighed & went upstairs. I had enough of today, I had enough of everything good knight. 10:29 PM

Mister Stevenson Teacher Expert

Modays nobody likes Mondays, & for good reasons. The weak end is over and have to start a boring week all over a gain. Of course this is not how I expect my week to start period

I sat behind dad’s empty desk at school and stared at empty classroom, listening to the sounds of students yelling & playing OUTSIDE. His classroom suddenly looked a lot bigger and scarier than I was used to. I looked towards the door. His class would be coming in shortly. The other 7tg grade class. The door looked a million miles away. I had no chance to escape.


It’ll be fine dad said placing a stack of papers on the desk next to me. We cannot afford to mister more days or miss failing student

054 213 7886

10;10 PM w.ant me to play Songs for you on “Spot A fly” fire ant! Sing songs you tip ranchers talking a bout use

10:05 PM. Tom was quick to follow. Make sure she gets home OK Mr. Stevenson he said too quickly

Jack you half got to get your head back in the game he said quietly.

9 colon 11 PM…..all clerk’s as they tender…..are quiet due to lurking broadcasters. Rather be back on cruise ship sway from dropped bodies cause it was how I should be treated. Darn frauds took away all excitement. Tom glanced/ glands at Dad who shrugged

Walking around naked or in bra on

Your show

What do you think your doing!

And not a question format

Yuck fraud call claims department possessive freak

Introducing the. Star of My Show, Mrs. America…..nope part time Freddie the raider is 2 and K

Its a traveling show

Coed bathrooms, there’s 2 bathrooms where host is waiting for us three to come

Knbot off

Thevshow is your a loser and I am gonna drill you unless you lost your memory

You want weird games define wailing on air. Wailing sirens

He found the nearest clear space and sat down on it.

Wh don’t you play me a song? I’ve always been interested. To hear you guys play.

Really dad asked. You never come in before you guys given us our epace

Stan has breaking news from Queens and King bed. He camed

REadio you sordid.

We we are Not loaning our colon to you a gain we never consented.

scream damage control he says toilet bowl

These Yankees act like anything I say, write, make video of doesn’t matter unless walking

These little kids at radio running around they heard word

Very majorly insulting to play word games + spellings in streets with radio when you know what’s up

Gonna cost you coins to take words from me, turds cost more like papers

Pacec wants ants in exchange for us eating tacos on bed

Mister Early Early I wrote to you only, Earl in turn relays what I wrote that’s meant for him and relys on telling him stop rape, butting in is not things we do

Too late, Dad got out of the car. I knew I couldn’t go anywhere as Holly is here. I sat I. The car awkwardly as I watched dad greet her.

Predattir your too anxious for tomorrow’s shift of shit + piss not enough food. Show down yellow, calm down

Why don’t you just call me rectum boy

This man like give me a reading on my channel live, this man like please embarrass him

1 liners without commas needs work. Your sentencing trial to be set on such a date

Devil you gutted Jesus + Jennifer plus amped their potty usage

Even the year old are aces and sharp knowing we need food to eat

With a sigh of relief, I chucked them on and headed back downstairs where Tom and dad waited uncomfortably by the door not at door.

It was a small relied cause the drive there was uncomfortable and silent. Tom stared out the windows eye pulled into the parking lot next to the skate park, Tom could Not get out of car fast enough.

The SKate PARK was just around the corner from her house. Diners, Chinese, Pizza places 3 of em.

I looked at a Hawaiian shirt “that” my dad loved. Nooo that shirt deserved to be burned and nothing more

See same as newspapers

Finally deep back at his “back” of wardrobe, underneath spider webs, and a thick smell of dust, I found an old t-shirt and worn pair of jeans/genes. I knew I would find some eventually

Devil 😈 your more powerful than you know of. Accept your responsibilities stand up for safety

Somebody father just died and here you are a total disregard for life laughing I got raped cause I backed up into toilet dungeon.

Child all adults know what I am gonna say or do but you. Now until us three

3 pm all 5 pm deadline News is made except one story …

Regular basis. Lucifer you need to give Not take

America’s Most Wanted BUTCHER BROADCSSTER….Showing you English Novels is same as News like I told you your the issue robbing me on amp and hiding

Are you gonna be a man and fix your mistakes that cost us loved ones, drama trauma or laugh it up I farted/ rape

What I didn’t realize was that getting dressed would becavproblem in itself. I looked in dad’s wardrobe at different (law) suits, shirts hurts adult clothes, all folded neatly or hanging from a hangar ( Lynch mob sent on Devil)

O I said removing a blue shirt. Nope threw some black pants over my shoulder. I looked at a Hawaiian shirt Dad loved. No really mister Stevenson Tom began to protest, I had already left room and was scampering upstairs

That would absolutely end in disaster. His ass having fun perverting, taking g toilet bowl, Jan showering and won’t end his hell over buying us two say apples.

Yeah Freddie frowned, you both ok?

Not confident he asked without exclamatory mark.

100% I shouted in fact let me take you to skATE PaaRK, just let me get dressed!

YFreddie thinks he watching a movie, this is all our lives due to you

Red says 300,000 to two. How can I help you 300,000….their gonna come in her bedroom. Mrs. America & Graveltron

I see Fred waiting for us two to come

He continues to wait for us to come

Netflixs movie “Cargo”- his options are limited and his and this time is running out, but his mission is Crystal clear, protect Rosie no matter what.

Mister all seeing eyes of our wives. . . .how are you feeling!

Energy powered on or double take….grand larceny is the. Charge after adding up all hold ups

How about texting me a 1 liner to call, include details of more instructions.. enter your stations number for me to be able to call and be on show no need to be in hideout after grand larceny at Drug Store

Stop shaking this all off like it’s going away if you shake your penis

Why won’t you just get me on show and “Dial” me cause you want Dial soap bar in tub!

Your a total humilation coming back for more

Back to life, back to reality not realality for reasons her and eye need hone sure lock holmes

Sold event couple in bed without pants on. Did you want a bone as a reward evdoggie. Think you doing everything right while being hurricane brainless, copy, body swap

The school bus was stressful, he said. I’ve seen you gotten comfy as I have been away

Smiled wider. You know kept my self busy, I joked. “DIDN’T Vwant to get bored.”

Yes that would be terrible he replied sarcastically. Sarcastically publicly.

Picking up a handful of candy wrappers from the floor. He stood up and turned on computer in the corner of roomz the screen glowing as it sprang to life.

Am seeing if the internet has any answers to put little problem.

He waved his hands between us.

It is a powerful tool, after all

Wow leave it to my dad to even make the internet sound boring.

A powerful tool,,? Really? It wasn’t a terrible idea. My character screamed as zombies began to eat him alive. I threw my controller on floor and wandered over to dad……to see if his search was gonna produce any results.

Dad typed incredibly slowly with one finger. The words body swapping into search engine. We scrolled down the screen and examined the results.

Well every word makes devil Target in all books. He loves being a star of failure, deceit, jerky, mean, careless, prison guard in yard peeping through window or took bathroom walllikevhe never gotta a load of himself before all over sources, family stories

This is Not q test, sirens, please evacuate to

your designiated zone

Devil’s first, 2nd watch….fun day?

Agree to a demand, request, treaty – accede

Sounds like akcede

She too busy carrying zombies

To help the mood should Not be brain surgery., Seriously Not jokingly

Announcer hear her in her bed! Yellow

Mrs. America talking to you Fred….”Do you want to hold it!”. Referring to phone issue your causing

Do you want to play your part Jack!


could defend the HOUSE in case anyone tried to get in ….house is entire deck…now in and out weirdo at drug store….. bandannas, stop repeater 9 over and over again, you knowy style. We are worried about rood as you depend on McGrew to do the talking and her mother. Ivam super mute

Let’s US pray that the Devil desires my mouth to read not speak and leave fart arts alone (fart arts was missing too much food)

Just don’t now & a quickly. Stop wasting, penetrating waiting for a quickie

Press the call button on phone, it began to ring

Nerves shot down my body with every ring, I had to sound convincing

I am very sorry for inconvenience I have caused your family. Dazed hurricane hard ass needs his wording

I hope you CAN find an adequate supply teacher.

Thankyou very much goodbye

If she tries to say anything more say you ate I’ll and hang up.

Call the Receptionist “Beverly” because that is her name.

You devil gotta learn patience, premeditated meeting plan you plan sche


Bunny it’s Not funny we require money.

She gotta go and Erick groans & moans as he spoken

Rims all all vehicles acriddle of hints for you Derrick to do one thing right while in dury

Maybe your masterfully plan wasn’t as great as you thought it was?

You cannot wear that to school, you’re,LL be the entire laughing stock of the city.

Now mood is 6 instead if 5 preps…….might as well feed us off floor alike car-pet

Hey just feed or hear from FEDshello Beverly is Fred Stevenson. Craig’s refs brother. Afraid not gonna make it in today am sick. Do you have the heart to understand needs break

Cannot stop and write it’s either read or not. Gap hole that makes sound. Make your target, goal.