Jan. Twelfth

Silence and greedy masters at radii

You know all tuning you on waiting for me to walk over you with milling

Your suicide like check me out he gonna give me a strict read, right on the money

You know damn well you read years ago I okay with lightning + thunder. There’s nothing new. All knew AI but you

Just from chair he just reported at 9:40 PM my penis touched toilet seat for action. Reported 4 times under 40 seconds, he even groaned

Just go take phone for a spin put it into gear, Americans Don’t like that characteristic of you being rotten. Protein. Carrots cause your care is rot

Mrn Cannot Stan….buvMrs. America brown blouse or brown sweater. You must think I am alone and you can do what ever you like

You greedily want to know if you had ludw in show what do you get in return. Surely. Let’s talk about mute and back me up to not place that on air of eye made a mistake. We don’t wanna discuss what you cannot have nor do everyday and night and what do you do right back to waste bucket

Tom I Lord bet my dad spoke to coaches to exit. Food exiting is scat porn always illegal in Mrs. America’s country

Ready to take text for warm up to step outside and get us flowing with electric vocals reading phone as on phone with towering fill in blank

Tom moved next to me as we ran. Tom seems to think he owns everything in Manors Park Drive. 60th Lane too. Every possession is his topic of discussion to discuss with himself and make money off others people’s possessions

The question is mister will you work!

You been hazed, sacrificed Fred, ritual from Cult. Your a professional bank robber. Hold ups really suits you plus stalls and stalling. V giddy up

That’s all he blew his whistle and waved teenagers back to the dressing or changing room.

Nxt Lunatic gonna say just eye under pressure with his purecevio hell unleashed

Whose more lonely thank me? Cannot look at persons or get taken advantage of while solely wants to tip what won’t I an listening to. The complaints are same sales pitch going to each door or boat in worldyou gotta get your green before I get mega millions from my first ten bucks from one station cult. Just nevermind

After review of practice on field. Judges at one station got horny for my flesh and blood work at me. I wrote blew at me

Premed was slipped in here. There’s reason we need video, more than energy seeing video and still publishes it, just a helpful guy but weak not as weak + suffering as Mrs. America needing food more than Jesus taking a dump


Why could Not My dad see he is shining. Why could not imd wise guy see he was ruining my life? It’s makes him happy. He doesn’t under-stand, grasp comprehen,d, …that what child does is the worst. I wish he could somehow see it from my perspective (dad’s alive die to foul ball play). Maybe then he wouldn’t be so smuggling. Little did I know that later, I’d regret t,hat

Should I smoke to nm

Mrs. AMERICA HE told on us that I said to just you I want to kiss you like an animal!

Fred wants to go deeper

Richest man in world it’s Not a bout money it hurts. Reverse Moss mosis still has not been directed by Lucifer he wants Mrs. Universes fur and her fur coat coming off, going in coverage without her consent. Have we any reason to meet? Gist stop putting me to sleep to be on your channel

Buy your drugs if Mrs. America + GravelTron and Superior Jan. But us what well that’s the joy if it that ine if us got lucky you stopped and smelled the roses you cased. Your detective don’t give a shit about life

.yUnfortunately GTs gotta post to all instead of Dreads private personal email plus he still has cell phone in pocket or happy to see Mrs. America in bed.

Fighting you is too easy can lower weapons of my own from magazines to clicks. Unless you like mouses and we’ll just come out with your hands up on your on head


Losers think their winners ravaged, devastated, ruin, destroy Mrs. America’s dreams of having a boyfriend whose healthy and successful. Common sense not in his general area of 1 liners. Than repeat one liners such as hes professional cause you know why. Give me heads up 5 watch man’s

Eye don’t consider these wusses men

Well the thing is did I say too much in order to place toilet bowl, bed out of order and get help

So where did GravelTron and Mrs. America go to in Novi, MI……all that coverage how is this possible to short the two highest ranking. Yes I choose term short. It’s sweet she’s Mrs. America. Brings pride, to my lover getting full treatment from myself without kids reminding me telling me live that mother

Announciating Mrs. America’s extacy total Bliss with lots of kisses if you join Dylan peeping on other side of walk or in neighbor’s yard peeping on all bbuujj

Announcer proper places pronounces Mrs. Universe is gonna blow or has to go or unbuttoned Mrs. America pants the list of details goes on and on in adult Novels

Brilliant idea that Mrs. Universe plus trophy winner of Mrs. America brilliance scheme to record her undressing and waiting for Mrs. America’s sex with Mr. He’ll what talk about you as a paranormal humam Being

I will not, times have changed, 2019 best year ever in the existence of Earth

Kelly gist say Nope

Just Say No refers to dying, lying

Just Say No to Doctors whom say your dying is clogged artery or what ever the trillions of cases been nobody sharing with me. Health news Tyler. Just Say No I like the mood I want to be with family friends coming workers. I will Not sign not authorize. I will NIT play dead

In the end it’s always been your choice

Everyone but toddlers know what her + eyes need. Eyes never met and consistently constantly pesturing us to make a living off all of our lives misery. So lesson of math problem. What we need is obvious such as white teeth for me. And all aces know what we need. But Jack is a toddler and cannot even get the money part wants toys of bedroom/ drugs like condoms. He’s a dope

Looking I want you to hear me was reading to parked car under car port circling all parked cars for your annoying ass excuse me chicken games

Chubs + tube gotta come off air. Required to be over by law agents and Cult.

Is it Jake, Miller Time. Or play with dead bodies stuck on pyramid box time. We want to go bowling g, movies dine in

Pressure silence read Butch or have me actually miked into tower not hearing shuffling noises. Not hearing doors open + close. It’s Not quite why and what Cult called you for. Dude I am not saying your forever a bore. Boarding plane and silence and few persons went overboard before surgery in Carribbean.

I just want someone that’s got power to reach all……for me to show muscle. No YouTube. Needs occupation or donations

Want me on your show being interviewed apologizing about eyes and dominance than make your pen do the talkcan

Nacho ( not your cheese/smile after thieving)…now everyone gonna smile after I have been treated special….now get it out of your sick mind that all gonna smile than help me. That’s you ten dollars your not willing to give to save the Planet. You must be center of attention hero or zero

Satan Station your already in pri-son…print you son off chair. Not a threat nor verbal attack butt your a knuckle head. That’s part of the what I am defending. Plus it’s Not my house. If that’s how you want to spend your life…….not eye and want groceries on a regular routine basis without saying Nature Ballet granola bars are out of my league at 4 for $10. Just not snack then, he like fine I got toilet bowl part

Powerful eyes not seeing anything above thighs. Not that if Police are saying sexting children….any thing about flashing it’s all on flashing telephone line at 1 radio tower. Towering over me. Body swap. ID theft. Human smuggling

You been told over 50 times from the father and read than disregarded for more of your great brains comnents

What are you fantasizing you defend or release important addresses to public. One of us gotta ho

Tell you what you want 3 persons butts from MIAmi in Michigan. You defend hell. Guarding gates to he’ll like I have been telling you but Tyler does Not want to take risks of joy for mood. Look the driving your waiting for oh good cut it out. Commercial Blvd. Detour on way to FLL

Call 954 213 7886 for your reading but a gain what’s in it for my family. Directed to funeral director only

The names game coding as easy except the disappearence and caskets. But a gain easy to decode as Romaine Romans are from Rome. This Citibank idea eye created is best. On bus 31 to and from Broward Community College where people want to work. Radio is communications and he’s speaking to himself team a gain or permanent loss of hearing this weirdo Better be prepared than see another Great Depression

Lt US pray to the Lord to change Devil’s mind about life. Eye dream is me dead but he banka and does things plus skips the body of Universe

Remember 350 Z well Zeta is Greek alphabet and double you. Now the ten dollars to start go fund me or addressing an apology or introducing me on phone to have me perform nor performances in bedroom. Too much talent owe k

Play Store on phone. Install “Play Books.” Next search free books and enjoy

The best thing for you to do is apoligize to your team. And what’s taking all slong day and night 5 watchman’s

If she had a choice between Devil and deep blue sea….sea would always win broadcaster only one allowed to see her in her apartment but he peeping

Whom makes money off her naked in closet or going to pottysee that’s the nerve surgery operation no

Thanks 😘

Hang up call me

“In the Middle of the Day! Go to your room!” Sera pulled away to grin happily at Jack period. He was standing in the open doorway Width Mike, Doug, David by his side. Do you have to be right about everything? He demanded of David.

David leaned against doorframe. “The way you guys are GOING there’s gonna be a hundred kids in this house.” Mike said.

Maybe then you guys will move out, Liam replied teasingly

Don’t count on it. What time do Kathlean & Danielle come in? Doug inquired Four-thirty Sera answered. Why don’t you guys pick em up, Liam suggestee. The four of them scowledback at him or at least the two of you.

And what would you like the other two of us to do? David asked with a smirkmercury alike pee just pee please don’t speak you gotta find your thingy please just pee, please don’t speak I repeat

Because Satan paid bartender money TO KEEP the whiskey in stock

You shall just invite US into your booth for peep show. Invite em to your window, excuse me that’s their window

A why are you in communications radio

And why is there a MODERN key CODE set up in in an old prison? Because obviously (I’ll just leave) he still uses this place.

So she posted a broad smile On her face and stepped right up to him. Her breasts announcer pronounces her breasts presssed against to his chest. Her fingers skimmed down his arm. What do you know about being bad!

Gaze yours gay Satan


Gaping door that your penetrating take me inside she said, Satan all the time yes Lordy have her take you inside, Satan opens curtain to bathroom, it’s show time o meant bedroom or both you vote what’s more pervertedno an invitation wouldn’t work ” Come, and kiss me” she ordered him

he stalked toward her, moving with a slow dangerous grace.his gaze never left hers, and there was no missing the hunger in his stare, a wild desire that would have terrified her, if she hadn’t thought she could keep controlling him. Dog off the leash, but she could keep up that control. Manors Park Drive. He wants us to flirt with his long penis, what a genius.

Are we gonna meet before shift over on phone or you too busy even though you on phone you sure are doing things that have nothing to do with phone as on phone

Eye am Never gonna admire you man. Respect if you go first with respecting boundaries and personality right laws

This block head wants more wall blocking, muffling my nice voice7:18 AM. Where to get break fast. Stan wants 7-11 or super market to pick me apart that eye am Not good enough to eat

Pace car ready to be on air meant my voice over her

she wants to get naked, she wants my fingers on her announcer. She truly loves me and I love her

Re we gonna have a GoFundMe for house or is the evilest man ever up to no good

All fear the devil. Babies cry cause they don’t know devil’s a man seated on long penis. You get all the glory staring at her his hands started to unbutton her shirt okay pervert there’s no way you can dig yourself out of this one you know another riddle a bout you

The shirt hit the floor/ prison sentence but he giggly alike he’s a know it all

She and Jan had to go but Mars had to peep through hole in wall plus record then dare publish to whole world

Take like social media getting many persons arrested for their posts take a hint. I want salty fries you gonna help after first watch when your hand is free

Last watchman of course man seated and first watchman stared to start our daze

Fred not a friend butt public enemy says she and eye gotta we we

And gonna tell/ rat/ rat is a peeping Tom pervert for all 5 watchman plus weekend shifts

Spot q fly spot a bug all US is “Spotify”

I endorse Spotify

Boobies asss clown are magical…and levitate

She is amazing everything she do. Lonestar. It’s my best compliment for teddy for current 1:05 PM mood

Heavenly Father is Not heaven northbound, up. Yes child but trickery happening to catch somebody thinking and not making a honest living

It’s Not worth it

Wisest (why is this sitter)…….bragging her mother alone, she alone, eye am alone

We want more to join in for life reasons. Everyone is sharp and an ace.,but the Jack forgetful he’s handcuffed himself to a magnets anus. Yup a piercing around it. All smiles and hat you don’t want that happening to you. Get a load of this guy

Did you all get energy powered on pic I took on phone. Look a phone man. Now why cannot you speak to me and compliment me. Get out of her and mines anus

You been told too many times repeater rifle

Sounds like you don’t want information to move, you want mating

I was embarrassed for eyes being a camera. What are you embarrassed about and before go get excited you got a premature report that your trying to destroy me with info that’s too personal and you only source

My eyes are sources. This web site is one of the largest in world. Can I write you personal emails instead of embarrassing you with truth

Out of options as your hideout and candy store is surrounded. Yes sir motel is candy man and I don’t want to continue preaching just get me what matters

Do you need suggestions

Stand your a vegetable garden cream cheese. What ever makes you smile and talk to others

Family and aces know everything I could possibly say making my life easier and difficult

Why are you not a caring Ace Karen.

Triangle gotta serve everyone in vicinity an offering……..whether looking at Americans, speaking to my party, singing, walking noises, or readings…….it’s something I want to do now not wait until pervert notices he’s being grilled and Americans think he’s delicious.

Americans the aces always helping me. Today reminded me I need bagels by using two customers walking in opposite directions. Would have forgot to go to eat breakfast that was planned on. Smiling, working getting harder like I repeated. Introduce me on to your shows. No sound just reading r s your messing up , destroying all of us

Your name is Rayce and Mine ( mean a)

Who Cates a bout legal….?….you know human laws don’t work in our world Michael..,..he threw open one of the doors and walked out onto the balcony. “Come enjoy the view, it’s a killer!”

Stan sucked at math but was talking about the problem?v. Talking with whom why too slow

Math teacher yelled at Tim for talking when he shod be learning or solving problem

Key word discussing the problem, gross pay, disgusting yellow, no excuses

We were actually talking about our favorite candy

Today was the day I was gonna put my plan on to action. Are you sure your ready to do this!

Dad was having any of it and made us stay late afterwards to finish math work

Tom dodged plan was fool proof

Stan well known you don’t ask a girl to a dance without a serious plan to make sure she says yes. Whose Holly Lawson? Only the most beautiful girl in our school.

I have a girlfriend keeping me awake. It could be more pleasurable without having you know biggest attacks on American soiled including her going

Still wanted to be extra sure she would say yes so I can up with a plan. Even wrote it down on paper so I wouldn’t forget. This is what it said:

Books for kids 9-12 Body Swapwaot till Holly puts stuff into her locker. It’s on the ground level right at end.

Put on cool guy shades and jacket 🙂 because I look so awesome in them

Lean against the wall, smile put on my cool guys voice and say hey Hollyyour my girlfriend and your really pretty and stuff

We should totally go to the dance and stuff for real

Tom helped me come up with what to say. He just knows how to talk to girls. It’s like a sixth sense or something.

That’s why Tom is my best friend, he knows his stuff

Go get em…Tiger…Tom said between breaths.

Did you just call me your dad Holly asked frowning.

Jack Stevenson my dad’s voice boomed down corridor nwhy are you Not at football practice!

He left me in changing room. I was glad to finally be rid of him as I put on (Don) my football kit and headed out into the field (feel). To only find out it got worse

Who was there waiting with coach and the rest of my team (as she goes) ? My dad was in a deep conversation with coach As I slowly walked towards them.

I managed to glance/
Lance over at Tom who shook his head With wide eyes as if to say RUN. THEY ARE talking a bout you!

Not a complicated man, your breaking laws, tresspassing …..electronics recording, no consent, no authorizations, no pulled permits……break ins….So how many more pitches all over home plate until you decide we deserve privacy alike all, we deserve food alike all, counting doors to next bathroom stall. Too close mister it’s not bright. jeopardizes your life your profile, your street creditentials. Do you answer to butt face cause nothing funny in your department. Kamikazes. Nazis. Slavery. Your not fir-given but taking lives for the millionth time stop

We need change of times you though need three changing clothes, bathing going. The stores bandits rob as I shop are in and out alike perv watching sex

I can fire up more reasons that your style is destroying everyone but yourself

“Stevenson” he barked in a voice/intercom that made her and him flinch. Your late period