Jan. Fteenth

Just talent then no longer type, type, carrying bags walking is your fuseasecrede/diseaseπŸ˜‰πŸ˜† say no cutrvtoo tough to solve problem

Shoot had plan to dictate entire visitation in prison. Got bumped off stage I was close to done

Shoot I has

How you doing, all you doing is making me handicap and CREATOR knows you all know better than that. Well he cannot take anything for his brain only what he knows his skks as operator to get pay checks and not offer her and I pie or cake or ice cream. He ready to cone fail a,gain dragging down world with him. Twinkle twinkle cone to dadddys trap please Ann take a crap I am behind, nope nothing professional here nivreade so drink akec,sayvgaveca good day

Nowcdonnotvwsntbto go back to mother’s home.

Now help get established have construction have excitement like me shopping with Queen won’t vhaopen in dream to tip you offnow searching for only thing keeping necaea meπŸ˜‰. Awajeke. Get complaining no typing finish the job. There’s I can type that’s gonna get yse to call me and gang up on block wall. Oaintee a painter a color just for you. Keyboard is stuck then after back spacing it goes down. Eyes ate stuck. Needs emmergency relief but I had to relieve mysf and pre at some point is more important to address get might be word crazy


My problem is Constructive, all particpsye after radio acts nice towards anyone. Edpecialky main characters. You Freddie just sit there and fill us in without your brain. Now not later now sit be seated and give play by play calls. Wrote this before he shrugged his shoulders? Yes the consctruction is exciton. Tons of fun after radio sneaks attack St parking lot with everyday 60 at least remind me if the WAR ZOBES with tattlecrakes. Tartle tajks. Rattle rails. Tattlevtaiks. TattlevtailsGoG

Look useceyescto keep uovwitgvusr. But phone. I do not have to read it wait for it abuse it. Only way to change mood readers the reds stop squarming. Any ways not gonna smoke SATAN TGE WHITE JOLKY HAPOY PERVERT. AS ALWAYS JUST GREAT A HAPOY PERVERT, NOW GONBA SNOKE HE DOES NIT ABSORB REAL WORLD THINKS ITS A GANE

Look yaec


PROmise me eye will never see you without clothes on if fornstted wrong neaning u saidvprinusevne I will never see what a woman looks like not alike but like

Well these eyes in need of money to entertain past, present, future. So help me my eyes are trackers, followers, stalkers, Rulers


Our seeing things Luther like a wall, very exciting for you. If you tell wall to get down and give me ten do you dobatecten

No deletes no edits just like radio just retweets/updates until sometime after he made Queen Mrs. America cry who knows I require privacy I am sexual

W LL sorry all that writing has 4 foul areas all about what handcuffed man does to woman in detail or describing his need d flirt of his shaft

Anyways talking bull cause he wants something, anything so I scratched my ass and good darn eyes saw not just that household heard me scratch something Luther announces he scratching he balls

Especially you Luther what are balls connected to I am trying to do a complete maker over but you wanna talk how deep I went in her tonight. Disgusting get your punk ass out your ruining influence

Grabbibg vines that should work

Enough of all of radio unless you want music dparrong with nj nastiest crre in order to hearbmusic

They must feel their hot to gave ownership of Leader. Trying figure how to beat me

Only way to know is a couch in a home

Basic elementary and there cannot be that many idiots in world




Yankees wanna to played mecdo take out. St Domino’s butvthen they hide pervert from me and warn him he gonna blow his cover and if he finds out your a cop….yellow, take this and that yup, bye, did you want picture

TV please Black “Leverage” don’t go away and stay. Radii o calling qkk sj personalities tease you are the criminals in Leverage thinking your helping societt (social) byvuiding and hiding while remaining in silence. Like their dead. Nothing but a huge laugh a bout em strangers. Well what ever you know make me GoFundMe cause your biring just tell us station I’d and tine try to secretly right figure need iyt at crine scenes . Point ne out if that’s why you saw in lineup

Why tomorrow another day cause I spent less than $10. Invaded, raced, back tracker nowchere they are trying to get around Boss without being noticed just wait till I get to Parkland home she cries, and as soon as you know I o I am stuck indoors your safe to talk a bout me non stop than act alike who us couldn’t be

Queen does Not eat pork and eyecre emberee even though radio is Lane and violating without any plans of self navigation. Poor is not you dear norcme

I want to entertain her .. now is this fair game…call me yourself Luther. Eye am Not setting you up for a fall. Eye am completely honest and could Not tell a LIE/Washington drilled history due to your perverting like I told you 5,5,7 years ago …inky one who should hudw & Bit trust us gee and I with radii tricksters.

Two options get jumply or do it yourself, your in deep my son

Luther wants to listen to staircase from a boss the street. Luther enjoys hearing me type noises on keyboard about what such a loser he is = whisper drain swamp, shut down he’s gonna play with my dead body and hrs as we sleep he bored main characters alike him sexing his wife, he’s a bore wants to stare look so porn

Nothing funny or out of pl.ace in the office then?

U’ll be fine I got my pad rig.ht here.

The microwave making g sound now Satan is cooking g, I pressice, plus a disgrace. He was do attentive like a ticking bomb saying say something anything I stay in business. It’s not about your survival you shod have never got this far Jack it’s all about eye not you interrupting with silence.

You gotta go make a change stop being that pervert guy hiding. The attention was Not microwave ticking drawing you in. The attention is all my work since 2011 trying to get to help persons smile by simply come out of hiding or call or collaborate. Joining forces for activity than you don’t speak English to understand any oiubrs I gacw nade you want penis oiubted ibti toilet bowl adraw you in with flushing then dry hands draws you in.

You should be locked away in prison and he get out of prison just to molesting children all over a,gain

You know damn well pikice arrive on scene at booth arrest him he gonna squeal. Say he was never naked it was eye. There was no invitation no consent. That’s what to address not persons moving around in bed cause of dead man wanting God knows what.

Come take a perp at QT, you want to watch her pee so she ran away from the weirdest, stranget stranger getting stranger by the day. A,gain what was your excuse the pet had to tidy up or pee on litter. Well it is soundctyatcdraws you in that you peeping Ton geardctestibg. Like TEDDY UNDRESSING BUT YES THERE WSS CONVERSE still none of your business

Mother of Emprors Queen her bathroom is out of order. Luther says no way full access the Cult called me saying you just might in fact he wood. Your an outcast of all with children & grand children, brothers & sister’s + cousins. Your such a wacko. Nobody asked you just did it cause you are blind to see the results are in. You are buste. For eternity. Even eorde when he fondled out. We found out he loves dtifging me and her shoving our faces in our own feces.

Was murdercworth your pervertedno for US it sordid

Factual MIKED AND ALL OF RADIO are Hunters. Butchers. If they just cut a hike in their seat maybe they can get movement or action. Thrtvdo Not give me any satisfaction.

3:59 PM opinion. He perverts me too Good darn much he does NIT NEED TO TAKK TO NE NOR INTERVIEW, HE IS A KNOW OT A.

THAN WHats the stalling a bout a gain

Let me guess you like my pet names for Teddy. Honey back, honey ribs all you DJ,’s did was depend on her to suck up to me like your first in line to meet me. What about DETROUT TV News station wanting nuracoe after you stop taking damn Yankees.

Host gave me a pet name it’s he. Huge smiles what losers

Eye am the Worrier. Now always cause if eadiis selfcesteem is puny. Your contacting, fitting in schedule or just hold up stores stay in hide outs alike nobody knows unless you announce it

Am A Warruie radio you got small, puny courage, takes risksz self esteem. I don’t care about your reply I would never tell you that in person

That last Vehicle sounded lijecraduo drugfeectgw drivers with no action. Boredom. He might take off her shirt and unbutton butvthen thiscti e not on toilet eo here we go guys.

I am lovedvby all but radio Personalities. You wanna be like Cult beat me to it imoatients than read book. Your the oy readon eye shared to rid of your small brains staring at floors

Yankees claim offensively they had no role or part in making of Hell. . . . Take responsibility and redeem yourselves

It’s pure evil of you’$ to to start Hell than blame peeping to. When you are peeping toms harbouring the fugitive

Well on my side say yup sneaky butches. They said that. Now what do you tell crowds you don’t care about what you stared and started!

No you got your hideouts at booth surrounded. Not asking you to put hands on head. But that perv is your creation alike you in a treasure hunt with words. Maybe you Jeep disregarded your actions s. Not ec

Xpecting you to live up to it and broadcast that on yourself but your require to take action.


2:57 Preniym Neata for two persons whom are the MOOD. THEN DOOM AND KABOOM DUR

E to radiology whose Rude.

Nail stake out robbers at shops/ kept receipts to charge em back. Sinc bMoody under drive by invasions + in & ours at shops, hi+ bye, bye

Do Not know after speaking if I gave 1

Enough time to respond or cut em short/racing.

Tgats radios affect on everyone with silence and sucking now got something to say to earn money with wording to fill time slot so very sneaky.

That’s problem with workdcwhether should Knot have to share what book I am reqsibf eo they can don’t cheating yup next excuses

If they wanted me to listen they wod have sent a waman instead the alcoholics thought they were kbiw it all’s and doninant. I doninant you cannot feed a plate. The mood is doomed as they still hesitate to stop stabbing me in back talking trash

Wanna play a control experiment with the mood a gain?

Do you just want frequent drawers dropped, zipper sounds, lights out, penis peeing frequently to play in front of your lap?

Gross gosh he wood


She’s too sad she and eye need more than clothes, food, get out of prison.. she the mood + eye am the mood. And she just too sad to see me in shock while Transforming that he dumb as pancakes. Says eye am an animal as he sits on hiwood. Morel sure wood do that too. Ease we need help teiw out there,tell on me they’d help if you did Not find a company to be all fraudulent & illegal transactions

He did not speak to anyone he just figures I will do all his work he go pour 2 shots of whiskey to feel what’s going on with him

Pick A number 8 or 9 is your options plus hang up none of your business line, finally call my 054 213 7886

Yep zero is you at motel announcing it even her mother didn’t invite you here. 54 or 8

Do you Free have any relationships with the contacts since finding your business


Ow talent can do things with 2 verses. Easily and more fun. But book vrtsecread cannot have you hear music verses in my head phone.

thatsxas good as it gets if you wanna get me in your studio. Or say he uploaded another round into her/ gross man announcer/ you reason for degenerates Not knowing how to speak to woman not talking about the passing passerby


Ther isalso a way to bring closure to a bad situation

Made him ibmvee 2 decades of earnings based solely on my hard work serving. Does Not know how to help waits for instructions staring not glancing at window. Plus look what Luther does help himself to! What the heck is he thinking, does he have a

Gonna pass undressing room, next bathroom, enter laundry room currently doing all speaking or noise control of mikef channel….do you want to play with my chest muscles as I have he!

Plastic wrap in fridge. Miked channel wants my arm to go out and grab it and make sounds crunching him. He would enjoy as usual. Lamp not talent Not mic in mouth

Why are you NOT closely working with others to solve what ever problems arise!

Well collaborate!

Afternoon 2ndc watchmans’ still trying to take Mrs. AMERICA’S Virginity. I’m sacred we all sacred

Luthers big time taken advantage plan Ime. He will listen to radio forever and sing his pour his heart out all over her we catch him in act of making lives take all proceeds, ready brake, callers slam in where he cannot think to speak/ opinions onions Not talent any waste or we we


Go to undressing rooms bathroom. Aprivate place n

To Not expect to be recorded by law term. And we’ll sang If I listen long enough to you, I would find way to believe it’s all true that news is lying. Then Peeping Tom replied on intercom “He sang his πŸ’“ out.”. Bit Tom shouted this once before over 7 years ago so what’s gonna be the change maker


IPod thee Apple I phone eye requurevfor vest ouctures if Moody. Also maybe not true but a great start. MP music player vanidgee due to a set up fir radio to hire Teddy as the driver. Until I get license than you can speak to dealerships a bout the free vehicle they been waiting to meet mister not he we we

Whoa SATAN YOU DEPEND ON TGEE silence don’t pick at me repeatedly for helping her mother have a blessed day

The mood is so vetyvsimpke, get me out of house to shop + dine + tip. Turn radio on if helping stomachs of mibimum two persons

Very strict a bout this ojay

Tge moodvis to gear my mouth with mic to it. To see video here + there if all smiles not Queen she’s not happy being cornered in when wwcrich no name calling

Andyou saw list make sure eyes aeecreading

Smike, haw clenched, teeth whitened, fed on regular basis so no one worries a bout that category as huge issue

Stoo coming, on between her and eye, needs house

Start slow told use years ago.

8 before taking toilet ifvtfsts your ttoe if thingynot bringing up what we shopped for with how much money 3 spend in one. Bright night. Was and still is our mibthky budget

The $40-60 on food per month

Wellhelp mood and did not say one word to fill in your career and fo yourvfootwork.

Its intruding, thrrescsocial medua to sat screw you your boring but Cukt busy repeating history about you

Didn’t repeat this and nit in these exact words ant ways your a challenge. But I need transportation and now today teddy does so there’s goes your cop out plan to get Miller worked up deply dissatisfied

Not gobb

9;38 AM mission accomplished except the missing 5:back teeth of course all chomping for chewing teeth

Yea well that poo’s up here + there

We can sweep it under the bed where your lurking with three to 4 phones surrounding Manners Park Drive with flashing 3 lines

Listen to me cheer up two persons by smilinf, smoke stack ecigg , eating toasted bagel

It helps stay A construction worker. Not a cheer leafer just gonna say hi + bye but make this better in a snap of a light switch

Plus reading book cause I an quiet, know super quiet alike mute button

You got a tight grio around your metals detector magnet. Untie us & feed us two. Feed two persons cures World now world we been down this road before eyez am not losing hope. Eyes want to see others not even allowed to see family or family friends causebof hogs cashing in on energy abuse. Question street you sbusets,! Do you know how many women truly been battered and bruised due to mood you put out!

She almost WAKE. No wakey wakey eggs. No anyone’s buttocks cheeks . Cannot say buns around you you get excited. So children’s materials on radio is challenging but we can do it naked an offer to turn you guys on

Classy assy radio would go there. She has a buttimocksctoi enough radio pervs think children’s books if you want business with super hero.

Out gag herz bond her, BDSM, tie her, spank her and brag you got slave in bed. Look I heard her stomach and know she’s missing beef unlike my dinners. And we want to eat out dine in more action for your gang. If you do anything wrong newspapers and more will adjust you. She needs food I repeat needsvfoodcfron a proper place Not supermarket. I cannot cook my eyes najes it boring for others to get unwanted signal of boredon but you can najedly make uit action. You can get naked at booth and donate nobody would know it’s sound only. Don’t fail me a gain and never a gain. Yourvtgecreadon I am not super rich. And us Amrerican srtvets cannot get service in America usctgat so. . . It’s opinion not talent but my opinion usually dact uess source was wrong

This is not talent nor being talkative nor being smart this isVasics Training over tune in a rush delivery. Well sgecstill needs a driver she’s injured. But you been waiting to hetebher kiss me

Tish I will get an environment change, the only change I need is lives and action which requires having money yes I said money a gain. There’s too much going on not a bout just me ofcwhycSaran you destroy What ever you call your workdcwhether Carton or 305 county area code

Cars your attitude makes me talk too loud like I was from the streets of New York City. Your hatred for DJ personalities thee Notbknowing where eye am going with this tour confusion of how am eye very happy. The jealousy that’s impossible. The geavy hearts drivingng thee cannot u Detroit already have known myveyes saw mectyping on other sides. Well your very nice to me. Thee wanting to gear cause your here thee painted scene with eyes if This was Parkland without your doll waking up to be your mood I’d go back to sleep.

The knowing just do what I do best enough opinion drill time yup, performing , Not opinion for third time

his is personal as always wsnna hold you so much, eye you be like heaven to touch. I want to approach Queen so much butt host interrupting in between us

7;22 AM. Tom a; gain I peed a; gain without eating. Radio gets your respect back alike before I was born they wrote busy setting 5 watchmans’- up.

It would be why you do Not smile – child deformuties mood, tricky but the patents a es cannot tell anyone not even if own children. Graphic Novels I,’,d love to butt cannot broadcast the details of a man and woman together nor should have rgst ever happened. My approach with Queen….gonna need total clear mind cultx books z music I have to start from scratch. Privacy a must unless in public

Well Onow you understand all ofcradii helps me, ladies first though general rule of dumb thumb

Started 12:04-12:09 AM

Thats funny gets better and better

That Miked station made love to my wallet he mistaken Mt walket wsllet history thought my wallet was his condon & stuck his tip into wallet perpbhole

Well makewcme smile Mr. Stevenson no end in sight to your perpitrating nudity scenes from peep hole not smiling ail stake out

Lesdrship abort your mission with tying in all radio broadcasters

…..starts peace process

Yoursweating radio more than me. FYI. Your the ones actually turning them on to creep on me warning me their creeps and causing all of Cult to go bonkers alike radiology , the acre at radio knew this alike other acee

Radio gonna give me money after LUCY Makes upbhisvmindvifvbeing naked should be On Air, red alert

Givebmorevthanbthevlawsu it’s

All that for the love of Creator, you shouldn’t have but in a way it’s special to know how many back me up like being on Magic shipp

So ate we we done yet

The red devil’s the lowest life the worse he does Not read ypur ideas of War games with street maps Tom Ford not even have 1 product advertised on his what ever h shows behind perpbhole curtain

Comrehend halt Cult let all radio have freedom of choice. Yes I know it’s this andvtgst. Just adjust too

The insuktbus not all ofcradii. Need more sentencing from the stunned

Yes help me eat am your career 24/7 which helps everyone

Eye am a ruler know my plan now do sane

Its hikarious how stupid Miked channel 5 Tom’s are. You gotta smile with this set

Cult Yankees helpeebme know do Not trust the hiding station where I tune radio they help hide him/ harbouring fugitive.

Its a mess just law suits not both criminal and tort laws

Rekax adjust the mood stop pressuring cult members who at a time wrote helpful

Well please be quick told you their close enough to aces …never teaching but a mood of construction

Itis in the works being fixed, nothing wrong with my leadershipletvit go.

Where dud it go back hone yes the ibcioys aces. I need home a gain relax Max Don’t be stupidmiked station is the 309 MPH pitches batter only

5 watchmans”‘ new & only target you comprehend your Inna set up to begin with it’s tricky

What eye am proud, it’s a sport, all smiles

You want universes video eyre require office with podium, than I cannot help mood at 4 am nor 6 am nor 9 AM, all the weight on you Yankees

You know Raiders/ Police force stopping me about Yankees ratting me out…yo check if eye need help ….is a bout the closest hint you will ever get, all newspapers about radios enjoyment. Never forget that stop today Yankees. The rest of hints you would have to be an artist, novels reader, or someone that is an ace


So that’s why Fort Lauderdale police harassed me it was Yankees robbing my homeless wallet

Smiling. Whoopsie I lied to police a Bout where eye live. Still considered World Leader Triangle that’s homeless no matter what word game or word of the hour Yankees use me for. They just laugh and forget about their involvement due to surveillance is Not entertainment/ Not accepted but peepers get together in booth and giggle they dud thus Tomo lives by taking risks, risking Chosen One by Universe for what? Your Not hiring me

My mother was a Chosen one also by Universe want an interview or inner view of our butt holeslives

What are the hundreds of Toms and for to orrowz tease me eye am a train wreck

Am eye qualified enough to get food from Yankees, all say yuo but Yankees say no, no I cannot I would be too happy to hear you on phone

Yankees Raiders got your Routine in check. The only fool your fooling is yourselves, nobody alike You’s; Not name calling you start too much crude with no plan of reform nor action just robbing with toys of raiders surveillance

LIt could really hurt and be sad being a time traveler. All knowcwhen, I meet em. What’s gonna be said by me and my party. Kniww way too much due to eyes and energy. But instead of saying I knew you would do that or say that……Americans train me to be my best. It’s the opposite it’s Heavenly how I am treated and gist gets better when microphone is Not hiding and brandished if that ever happens.

It takes books creation to make movies & music

The three of US want tickets to theater.

Too many boxes for guy who plays with wind for Events such as sports, Fairs, Carnivals, Outdoors man’s #1

If Dora wants more WAR then Warrior bringing it here Nut on his channel.

Doesn’t need slimy, greasy comments for Miracle.

We want Italian “Thick & Thin” Pizzas

Tread wants his 3 carpets to fight overvwjo gets thick sheet plus whom getscthin sheat

12:15 AM these audio posts quality with mega mic is how I should always sound if genuinely on a radio show channel. Period it’s boring man and only time you can hear me Al ost is at sex offenders registered tender. Clerk’s man. Highest Ranking of that building checking me out. You the sound expertise tradesman…is block in way of phone making US deaf. Yup

You still enjoy bathroom stalls even if public plus Dtsr of David cannot look at TV fur to wrangling your strangeness. Think you give US just a little too much of a hard time while doing a non physical no brainier job.

Repeater was your pen & papers. No search & seizure (rolling eyes that you need too much common sense)

We all seen my efforts to End Pure Hell LOL he gets he American PoliticsOW’s so funny guys guys where art you

Anywadte where’s you online site or channel that goes On & In a bout ending your Hell!


See we are opposites. O eye Not attracted to you could be at booth & never see you just your brown nosey

12:25 AM gotta shut down he more stuck than me I suppose. Smiling to help yaw. This sucks major boo boo’s

Booze. So your helping or Not quit teasing. Boo’s is thumbs down & throwing your fruity on stage at curtain to peep hole with focus on bed. Thought I just fixed that dread

12:29 AM+ Laurel help me buy books I’d be living large if you were Not creeping publically. Just go peep up the street in your neighborhood from window do Not attempt with Pharoah. Means History in the making. Living Legend. Your Not allowing me to eat, garden vegetable and future plans is trap, corner a quarter of wives and me and sleep with our children Liam + Shirley

Eye require more money so Robert says what fur! I replied to Detective Bobby your lying while seated & hiding.

Sorrow just truth? Any ways I can offend anyone easily but require a paragraph or two not under 5 seconds just because your hetr for 3 seconds. Bass systems warn me chew out radio. That’s Cults master plan

Radio Personalities how many chests have you peaked at in the last 16 years? Over 5,000 each DJ just on surveillance alone

I require Books Sold for tablets o looks like glass shattered something wrong with man handcuffed to me

.I work by rewards program, treats. . . . . If eye stay up all knight me ..mm.S she hisses blue Tanja too and Genes. Cannot see anybody until your ready to play nice. Go back to drilling it ain’t gonna be time for you to place me on air hiding in back seat of multiple parked cars withblines flashing. spell it out Eye and her are hungry as mood. Ate you gonna stand US up but depend on Us two eating out on her bed! Do Not make we ee repeat to stay intelligent gosh your a drug a downer were opposites. No sights time see in Novi but sgiooi g on Nain Road. Just one even has




O so you speak the language you don’t do that shoving two persons into toilet tank hurting both our heads with attacks that you want anything no silence, scratch yourselves that works for intruder getting ruder. Never thought a person called rude could get ruder until. Repeat Pete. Now you endanger all Pete’s. You send them to worse yhan Hell. No family friends, past all a lie.

Go back to drilling instead of speaking to you your gonbaxwish I did Not know how to drill. Special Forces PImImOW’s like you been told forcalnist a decade just play nice

Your a part of me my Queen won’t accept.

Your lucky ote a chdrrns book. O I gotta be careful what I share and Don’t share just alike how your supposedly to behave

Your telling all go to your grave not coming out of hiding nor giving ten bucks

Normal child would accept their heavy load and do what they gotta

to get

We we know I want chicken but it’s too expensive and small. So this is where you deep in and say I will of course pay for that cause your reason I and 4 other watchmans’- have jobs

Want O’seven AM still silence no progress. Itchy all over. O you want me to shave to get close as possible to wall and phone on other side to over hear me talking to use

If you do Not hear her and myself alike aidio posts quality than Loser is hearing voices by the way thanks only way I get money to publish. Back to smiling I am Not hard to please get by with basically nothing. Smokes o yea cause gets me closer to the silence, he just hoping he knows title of song he hijacked to earn money filling in words. Here’s the word. Registers action if you want to Lurking you need to make n

Ne aware one tine by cobractibg guessx who eye the magnet

Broadcast Magnet miracles or most powerful ryeecslready did. He needs scriprs. Her and u can write you stories tovjeeo youvbusycfir w20 minutes. Senin too much demand alike you only broadcast, share me with Newspapers

Hen it must be my imagibation making new a trikkuobaire right in wrobg

You know YedcTeddyy had enough of your perversion, making all smokers follow these eyes….written on all faces & tones just snap out of it it’s a couples bedroom your broadcasting….does not have to be superiors to be nabbed

There’s many teases at corner stores, drug stores and so in. Teddy deserves a $300 Rite Aide card from you wanting her to be your company when she’s already taken/ off the market

I said these products she desires she shall get with you gathering up troops to support America’s Leader. Like a walk through a house, east East easy peasy. No I did Not ask or say please you snatched her purses too nantmyvtines for years

Being your company & you Knot talking to anyone esoec especially Knot talking to when I was Jesus the Son plus nicest guy right. Especially NOT TALKing Leader, especially NOT invited, Especially NOT talking to your businesses higher ups by email….a bout we need to hire this guy he he he he is superb. And you still won’t talk to anyone a bout hiring me within your business. Eye am going donations route and don’t owe you crap, but out of kindness I possibly could

You took my kindness over weakness

You took 6 greater than V

You took my life away as I knew it even though all kept me on the bulls eye target pmys books, music, TV, movies drilling special counsel speaks a bout you non stop alike you speaking of me alike I am dead and cannot cone out now at 1:33 AM

We we cannot speak to karaoke machines mic between 8-8 AM. So just whispers and to back riw you bore all a gain you say cause u also dry hands

Just gave me stop mentioning you, your plan hide more in hideout as if Earthquake or Tornado were here hiding under desk……that plan will fail uf you have me really on your show do you can easily brush me off shrug shouldets nobody heard him anyways what ever

You never seen my eyes once so can we repair that insult

Stood smiling all noticed. That’s causechec NEVER answers comnandments.

And disrespectful watch man neighbors gottaxsleeo too so eye tgecrancher manufacturer cannot do audio posts in parking lots. Just requires me in my own boundaries

It’s simple I am thinking a bout staying up all night to reach you. Too simple to screw uo. Too much of n all passengers on boars of your flight tower, boring, but if I say hi + bye to all everyday you’ll think I deserve to have a bug stalk me

I Donna want to speak streets tones want to be homey with whispering common sense

No more reading out loud at stores, he enjoyed drain swamp,/ cat + mouse dangerous Ganesh.

Tom endangers all lives and bluets word games. Blurry 5 pages worth


Won;49 Anchillado Merrilytime Wastern

Single but a tease. Raise The Dead refers to Mood that Tom does Knot care if we are nyde as long as there’s sound, Lunatic

Tom noticed at least one if the Toms of 5 watchmans’- noticed be best if I were alone in Parkland. She makes me smile just anything of hers makes me smile. One of the Toms wants this trio over questioning how long can I or him last in this sexual bed set up……Tom rather me go home and get out of Novi if gets teenagers to stop seeming him as perverted. Warrior fighting to fetvhone here in Michigan. My own boundaries near here and her family the book reading milked read Shea a superstar gero here. Do you mind giving head the only reason why your chasing me with radio turned On.

Eye can read sexual Novels in bathroom but that just ruins the language of arts I am trying to snap put ofvthe spell he placed on Manners Drive.

Sult he wants me all for himself no one saying hi GravelTron I love you I am a fan…..no one Alloweed to be free

I cannot write my table salt issues nor my own mother being Diabetic watching sugar levels

Eye am already in process of starting clean slate butt the perv gas huge butting into orders issues.

Us there anything someone could gesture with sound high enough putch for phone in purses to hear he just robbing those purses witch Hunt is insulting enough but he remains get found fools gold in this here bedroom

Cannot broadcast on YouTube the cheating children wandering what adultsπŸ˜† ate trying to hide and then your parents make news I don’t see I taught in too much span.

Commercial devil’s says read novel in bathroom. I take gavel and say order in court. No one goona hear that out my mouth

I have had a bigger plan to start over for about 5 days

I asked Stan if he wants a third 305 blues 100 cigg. He said sure with his silence, tine out gotta smile than sparky

2;12 Ameritrade Meaning Stocks Bunped on chair

Words comnandments or ibstr

drawings with energy get gis

Instructions tbit Freied Fred


strawπŸ˜‰ strings

Now keyword Jack we know why it’s free handed but I cannot talk to you this way with interceptions. It’s Not funny, don’t use that foul language it’s absurd a& Jacks childish.

Gist adjust free hand and send

Email to text or phones 4 email acvounts

Well change is Nail stake out. We want steaks from Fried Fred’s Red Lobster you knew this Nan

Change is now cause 4 out of 12 books too sexual to read in public

No more perversion Fres , you got that, comma coma

You betcha Novels + Rap perverted and Comedians due to Fried Fred’s open for business ideas. How was her Cagi abladt night aasking, pointing to guy with no patience saying we got a problem you stirred up to finish your incomete .. (in come meet) your incomplete without mouth to mic.. sentencing

Can up crew needs children’s books please mood or influence is the intentions for the donations

Yes could unload on him show problem with perping on couple in bed and dare announce advances. But I want it all off shelves and destroyed. Well gotbmood…gonnactakecleadvon this now child’s diary book about repeating, circling 1 character is all characters unless I need to smoke or eat

We we established fine establishment on Main Road. Novi Road.

Established help me she’d anger, hurt….I just gotta do three things if not 5

Smile, eat, sun or rain battles, drive, givecreadi gs with children’s books. I can rhyme children’s books. Remember no explanation one time through,no writing down word for word typed that’s backwards still need tor halt Stans orπŸ˜— Sasquashes instructions

Do you feel so good to announce we got a problem with perversion? Are you teasing me a gain?

Cause if just all stationsπŸ˜‰ saying g a check in update status fine. Butt stationary won’t go away from boundary station saying problem does Not help me do clean up

I am ready but require to eat as Bo worse thing in World ascan impossible mission

X that first than chat after we eat gicevyou 81 pages onbair my mouth and tempo

Thanks for drops if your Powerade. I askeex for drops did not smile it’s just $1 cannot afford what are you here for whom you hiding from. Never ask for much just want your love ok get our of bedroom

Now boundaries safw zobe from radii until on TV

Hee sharing Groped Grape Powerade. .as I finally drank some of it I smiled cause I am lonely and love her walking in front of me now she needs a Butler duecto injury o I said than you pull it off with communications within our Country stop embarrassing us yanks

Fear Mrs. AMERICA might be snoring as a station lidyene to my music I powered on Spot A fly…a bout Mrs. AMerica snoring frightened of you…..all eye can do is bladt sun and incur charges of lightning + thunder storm.

5 Watchmans’- your too comfy with pure Hell. These pupdates are like neanibgkess un hisxworks. Any waste you might as well Jack one of ,,5 Jacks call her

Call her the mood too

Call her Honey Back Ribs

BNQ on your block? J you never invite

Me to meet persons, you know

4;01 ANM + update Satan’s snake in chair grew to attention as I woke up first with God knows what she’s wearing if anything at all. Darn pervert is busted, butt get does Not seem to care Leaders telling him he’s perverted and SAT in chair waiting for movement to get an erection.

Perv your gonna meet President Trump’s but he introduced you as the horrorfying pervert BROADCASTER. He like so I am perverted and everyone knows so add some one liners of perversion brown eyes. Dig into my poop mound, exam shit

Even dreaming about reading eye cannot dream gotta get 5 watchmans’- out of fantasy (fan a seat) ( hole in seat?)

We we want a feast Not your gonna fist yourself all of tonight watching for movements

That hand bag Kacls suits you superbly

Her and I can play hide & seek in the dark, eye shadow, brushed her hair, lye in bed, but we could Do that anytime……you put us on air so let’s be entertaining for your several guests. We could do toilet bowl and go anytime but this is a radio station. So how do I find Miked to speak into it, then give reading, and finally ask for donations? Dee you could sit on it anytime but this is work time, you coulds stare anytime but this is actions time following your actions

Your perfect slumber party not going they tell your gonna have to come up with ideas that require spending expensives to davectge situation I run to get my IaPod butvthen hen won’t spend so drain his actions of my eyes

Eye was pleased to see Jackie laughing & once a gain having fun in pure Hell.

There wod be nothing words than to have party spoed by one of our guate/ guests

The next morning with very little sleep Cause Sara thought the snake might have came back

Remember 1990’s creep,😁😁 well you were perverted then without callers nor surveillance, now only reason your chasing me down is Cause eyexam star of radio rejects

5;26 AM a gain Yankees called police on me to make sure Eye am ok. Police invited radiobeveryonevsupports their entertainment toys and made sure Yankees got my phone number

Never will Radio be A Utility Company. Net Neutrality Reality. Now it’s 6;17 AM + announcers all over radio giggling they stab me in back that eye farted. Two things after putting g all to sleep. On Mustard Coast. Wake em up with stinky fwrte. You shall one day be Western Medicine Doctor alike family. The thing is we don’t talk cheap nor disgusting plus Never speak foul. Call me tell me your entire sentencing to joke that somehow your funny weirdo disc jacket Misses. Miss Raunchy if your raunchy and you know it watch me brush teeth. If your raunchy and you know it & really want to shove our heads in toilet stomp your feet

If your shopping at shops getting shop lifted reason for surveillance raider ypur feet. If your shopping & silence than clerk also hates Tabkees like me stomp your feet and do something to get them to help a homeless man eat as they act like King of the Crop a Utility you gotta have cause we stole GravelTron & bragged. Than you know what happens next we lose family, thank Yankees. You tune them on onntgat rinku dink past time machine their Not even working anymore like Howard Stern

So obvious they have jealousy & just want to rob celebrities vacationing in Miami and Detroit. Their whole Gand stole my passwords, emailed each other when wnwegy shared with everyone even the Iguana but they really had to know more without contacting so police show Yankees their pick up line is offensive, snatching & grabbing anything they see from office. Are we done yet so we can eat or they want to read how low will they go in Newspapers Conics. Start with the females guts is just a seat. I might have a disease might be carrying things as she watching gloating if I give her time of day she takes it like yellow you missing point again stalker Yankees pice just told you off stopping me. Your mean. Now 20 hours go by same conpkaunts need to eat, get takes toilet bowl and rank shirts white powder says this made him lots of friends they keep calling. Here we go a gain explaining

Gonna tell you what lonely me gonna do what broke superior gonna do do

Have eyes Not entertain reading, play cards to have her Mother be my friend without a reading? When done playing want to he served food or driven to diner even if by myself at IHOP.

This house is Not for you to play with dolls and wait for dolls to wake up dear sirs!

Mr. Stevenson how can everyone be as gigy, goofy, sming as you . How can we be even witgyour way of life? Should we get chop sticks & play with poo. Cat is learning g from you to stare at toilet tissues.

Where’s your manners! That could be a bout so many categories within you

Your Waiting to hijack reading to my broadcast which is illegal recording with electronics secondly no consent to record me on phone. Two party ruke right now Mr. Stevenson your 1 party on chair. How can we be equal as your small perverted tone, racing no brainier comment?

Shame all over you when you do do something wrong handsome hackman

Due eye need a misternoody.com asked teacher of classroom of one. No matter what Cult, others say it’s feet off the property if I appeared all radio stations. You gotta go. I wish you all would lighten up a bout em they cannot get arrested just law suits but just one station all types of Laughing stock in Supreme Court. Sentencing trial begins today yup adult on first watch eye am juggling a warrior zone and your the main squeeze hold up

7:50 AM gosh so late. No huddle no fast forward clouds even is blizzard. No driving pulling clouds without looking up. A body found type of thing. But lost IPod. Now radio all stations won’t tell me when creep is lurking on their station so Not turning it on. She also needs a MP player/ pkater

How am I gonna perform with new releases and sings nobody ever heard?

It emement situation it’s cause police pled my transportation over

To much out going for 8:25 AM now 25 after toilet bowl + tank temptation ate you down or up for it!

Repeater the MP music Ayer was list due to all of radio doing a hold up at 7-11. Who do you think is mood + needs Helo, cause I don’t wanna flat out insult you, butt I lost my MP music player that drains the swamp from having rhyt n with bookverse + music verse in A Universe

Look just give up toys at shops if your Not using em for what it’s intended for. Safety. Devil is known as a cautious person. Use precaution cause Tom made this world where nobody talks to others about your stupidity.

Not commanding all of radio to Hop and buy me head phones for a dollar like previously posted. Maybe rgerws just sinethibg a bout radios desk bot looking into others eyes or cam on their eyes to see someone’s eyes without bothering em

That’s your issue mine ieye cannot look at anyone nor watch TV cause all of radio abusrs the most powerful geavebly jolly eyes

Do save us if you feel it’s the right thing, cluck click

Ok & please be quick, there’s still a lot to do

Eye cannot eat because if disturbances like don’t gloat you the greatest station cause eye am serving alongside with my partner in crime but we on right side of counter

Radii waiting inpatient you for anything from Mrs. AMERICA even moving foot + leg undercover. You see Mrs. AMERICA

your pace car at booth for vocals. But you a man. Not a manly enough man. Using a woman what’s her name! Mrs. AMERICA is serving your filthy, sleaze but no name calling. .

. . . Don’t wanna hear Disc Jockey include Cukt when say it’s our way of life. Now eye am Not programmed to distespect her in anyway, always trust her, try harder, there will be No thoughts but 1 George Quarywr it’s due respect for my twin. I was likely then at those times. She’s in room or I am here she’s all eye am allowed to concentrate on to get engines going for both of US. It’s a turn off. To do what you wait for to tease meany ways it’s getting dry oursidevtge humidity is amping


All help me when talking or making sound near me. But male musiscians stations help themselves for then to fill in wording)time slot = job done Tom partner in crime see you same time to orrowz ut was so fun when really Your Hl is pure evil, torment, taunting, teasing, immature, repeater premature Not a full story we never met your press badge, as you badgering shops, streets plus your hoggies cause your premature updates is nothing Cukt didn’t already expect me to say or do. Thank goodnessss for real Americans who help challenge persons

Not crying cause eye am mentally challenging all but radii show me pure live would be joy too there us here + there but you made tunes too tough. Tough you don’t deserve the cookie today that equals back till stake house make a mice we got you animal right where we want you in bed with Queen. Well eye did not say utvyiu didvwitgbyour behavioral horsey sounds of kaufhi g at you

(8):55 heard her starving stomach notice we are both Not on a regular shopping trios with trunk full how coukdceye. . She very hungry bet ege coukdceye two fuket nugnio s for lunch and beef for dinner and your face sumide dishes you another z+ dumish out with total dustefard/disregard fir lives. All my words put into the world make perfect sense but not yours no smile, no pride your very wrong & hsr ING others + joking a bout it. All radio. The sales punce you waiting for her starving voucecti be your nanky Nan’s oace to suck up to me. . . . She cannot perform right now as I instructions basics training she’s missing basics as you Bond her, BdSM or something, gag , bons, tie, torture her


do she got a bed, none of your business to record sounds from it than date sell not on black market/ ate you done yet feed her + me but feed her first