Jan. Fourteeth

Millie arrived in bathroom. Whoopie crowd chanted. Announcer grabbed for his mega mic plug in. He announced peed on seat he gonna have to clean up and shower. Next Tim announced soaping of the body. Entire crowd all ages flicked him the finger. It got better He flicked his “Bic”. My Bic it’s mine not yours lighter thief. He must want a collection of photos on internet of who exactly flicked him the bird. Little did he know everyone flicked their middle finger get at what he launching. Soon it was time for lunch had just a bagel and Teddy ate nothing yet.

Jumped out of bed on A Saturday mourning more eager for break fast. Milly was gonna pick me up tomorrow knight. I had a okan for all to witness a smelly toilet. Joke on them they need toilette perfume from FRANCE HA HA HA HE GROANED as she moved in her Queen bed

Wsnna be smart,! Get out your smart phone. LOL huge smiles. Just for laughing stock on phone. Yellow get my voice on tower goals. How do you go a bout this. Maybe do a back ground check Hardy harvhar


Atan hurry hurry step right up. Introducing star of our show his name is hush up. I’ll give you a chip if pain killer just put down excuse of sitting on penis down.This is our World you destroy even next week. . . . What’s your game plan!

You cannot get No Satisfaction from perversion boy. Especially her mother’s home. Pervert I don’t scare a bout your future demands, eye need a home Not I get back 4 copper cents at Rite Audecas your station/ channel converse to address to the public+ 10:55 PM

Sounds like Guerillia put Eastern Coast to sleep, wasting time with her in bed Good knows what she’s barely wearing. Problem Satan does Not understand a bout peep hole coverage.

Gonna pick up all heavy netal on my back and carry em soon with mic to mouth.

Tish he jumped out of bed Saturday mourning eager for Millie to pick him up

Think too many instructions or commandments to be nice to whom puts food on your table and works to pay your personal bills? Let’s discuss this stupidity

Spot I fly does Not want to listen to me south in porch rather feed me & yes Satan your Dave the swal,low

Yes eyes lash comb causes excitement here preaching if only Stan look you in the eyes. Seriously that could work, we pray as the Lord & Mrs. America is the 5 watch mans’ prey. Sex predators no doubt at register sex offenders loving it & widened snile

Start her over, turn her over and crown you King of drama to be nice just once 5 watchmans’- 10 colon 33 Prime Meat

Besides nobody wants to hear your perverted voices 5 watch ans’. Also nobody Not 1 Hunan gonna turn you on to hear you take double takes on what Eye cusualuze that you could Not maintain. And control yourself. Fools Gold. Nobody wants to hear your stupidness it’s just interesting that your that much of idiots. That’s why it’s Hell and he wants gel in my hair banned at airports. Professional program to destroy your piggy back ways. Wanna meet and greet take selfie. Nobody can take selfies right now hoggie. You think your exciting alike Stephen Colbwry, Billy, Greg Gurfuekd, Tonight Show hosts

Years ago you said your an insult to have us as your slaves you do Not feed. But you need sentencing help why your insults for lives 5 watch mans’

Eye am all you got to have Careers 5’watchman’s. You won’t help me eat nor get juice at Walgreens you enjoy one dollar spent for shopping cart in Mega Superstores. This is why you received calls have nothing to say to. Me but report all the crimes I tell you started


Give me reasons to call your WordPress Blog and leave non edited voice mails. Student shows up as published posts. I can call mine why do you need me, ass hole or butt head

10;10 prime rib+ you help me selfish loser & eye will see how I may help you

Energy powrree On or radio. Programs collide

I got a girlfriend check it out. Use my eyes not recordings. Plus I got a girlfriend so excited. Help me with updates. Just want her and my Warrior daze over

He’s pervetedly hoping we play ketchup, been a long time my lover, my best friend, she’s in my soul, she’s hip, quick to tell a joke, she’s everything I ever wanted in a girl, shesmy protector, she helps me remember what about others, this is pure hell, well last post is about all I ever post, talk a bout him in stores stop setting him up to use a brain, then I lost life, list the fight, project was still fully loadee as he didn’t notice cannot afford potatoes for my children. He thought toilet was the best it gets after making ftow s silent, grinning, he laughing never cared to have me have a pay day & now what a bout her. Not smart to not serve me pleasures and show respect kissing my ass all the way. All I am ever used to as Leader and this scum bag thinks we trashing her and me instead of hi self. Trips to Doctors he never stepped in to make me feel better, hey your special on my heart. You mad at mother just want respect your not mental to get paid. He laughed at the industry being angry at perv. Get beat up this is what you missed I recorded surveillance. Now broadcasters next shift you may see him. Energy powered on covered that a long time ago. With pictures. He wanted my rap record still does not know he perverted thinks this is the way into someone’s hone and you may be next you never know. He’s fay laughing at all US struggling cause of him prices are a rig. Pu ishments he plays with wind. He eats out on weekends after my hard work with her force Consulting. Even neighbors joining in tidy up. Make room on desk for blueprints to bank Feb. First. Get away cehicle organizers as he staring, seated on his weiner saying make a move then he follows. Gets his erection. Watched lesbians with me but who didn’t he calls that a work day. I am not em arrassed as himself. He’s a but, loo et. Here’s the plan continue talking your waste and taking it trash. Edit a must. For starters how does she get paid. She does not want to be heard as we having private conversations on phones, I feel the same. Too bad shut down clown


doaded as he didn’t norice

nine-flirty-two Prime RIB time+ Homework Assignment defend organization organizers of toilet tank & showers hot water sound plus drain sound at end of raining. Defend you only have offensiv failures with passing alike Miami Dolphins, such a bummer for our mood. This is the thanks we get from Doll fins and carpet eye monster handcuffed to Lunatics 5 watch mans’ in their possession their custody sarcastically speaking or truth being put out there to smile it’s almost over and finished when 1 watchman notices it’s Not pleasure but his prison and not serving food to inmates that’s up to Government do what if he are connected to weather,eye got your penis peeing on toilet seat, how we warm up the morning from South Florida. The building projects of performance requires prison inmates to have pen pals and pension, all expensives paid before your leaving. Where you going! Did you have to exchange your condom drugs for new ones as your sitting, peeping being filthy, sleazy is what eye am writing. Your like the sleaze is me still got no money tell me a gain what you wanted from me eye am busy hiding so turn me on to be our winner. No sir your backwards. Which word of negatory does the work for you we your not even thinking about giving a gift for what you have received as presents, still feel his boring presence creeping, lurking he wants that juicy stuff coming out my ass and wait to tear cause he’s amused I can tear toilet paper tosdue with fingers that he could make it easier to wipe if he took his thumb out my butt

Here get cones the post he admires what a piece of work I am gonna steal and profit and gave organizers circle your bathroom I cannot wait to say that’s all it theft. That’s all it stole was her ass and mine, Dana’s too, Jurgita and nurses aides plus more family buttocks he rocks….he says do what whose to stop me a dead body reacting. You don’t exist people I got him to myself. He’s my Calentibe but generous me will share his buttocks on Valentine’s Day I work holiday it’s a special occasion he might have eaten beef so he gonna blow without break fast guys, women he gonna ecide I cannot contain myself it’s so magnificent I gotta share at radio so I call em and they screen call said if he ever repeat this call gonna find you and gave police arrest you for being a wandering weirdo in public. He said is being weird a critical e you see I am owe k then. We all want his starving anus to explode and you know it so oeye am gonna deliver without his knowledge or consent cause of course he say no so let’s go organize 4 doors pass out bored pass out fliers, party in bed ate you coming. Would not must it for a thing in world one person said to infant whose evil OmAN. The barbarian. To reach his level you gotta speak what he’s comfortable with. He’s comfortable with cops how about screeching tires, donuts, female girls screeching devil’s a weirdo. He wants the flame on all us, so he can study in between buttockstge butting in doctor strikes a gain. Rob’s candy stores and more. Candy man shut down Toys With Us laughing not one in crowd on his side of evil. He read this far to repeat he’s the shit. Felt better to rhyme than what it sounds like I suppose. Maybe you need to see the words back to preach flight dreams get steals those too. Cannot do anything for this guy to notice he owes me $10 to get billions. GoFundMe up in under 5 minutes. The screens circling on TV and powering on slowly to tell all and me my eyes are powerful. News to me just thought electrical DNA strands. No new updates just my flaws is his fault. Me being poor cause he thought that’s all 2 needed at store. He might never change but gonna drill him all the way. Back to reading enjoy story time as your working. He broke my concentration with repeating. Charge me a smoke for not trying hard enough then. Private time it’s boring just wandering in porch will get stand up and help himself us all us, we are out of time too close to think we get old. Strike 7. No care in world.. you proved your point again, all crime, root of all Evil cause you hiding, trying to do this forever. Never meet never even say hi can you or do you want to be on radio show. Depends are you still taking poop scaring the crap out of the elders. Terror continues and up to me to find a word that pleases him to not be a jerk

Reward if funding a single Reason to award me a gift. Not found I suppose so he funle

fundled us 3 in Michigan as he were in Miami- Hollywood

He must really Nut want me near him to see him checking us out

Well your here now,. Might as well join in + have that three some you desire so badly to treat all on surveillance alike cam girl tramps

Pure He’ll… . . . . . . Another shift t.gen

Call me to have Livest Channel on air. Everybody would stop what their doing & tune in to the ending of Hell.

Might even stand outside their cars in shock on busy super highways

You ate greedy watch man! Coming to get chewed out all over again plus be first to read I chewed you out. Feed me and her. You want reality show cone out of trunk and backroom and step away from peep hole drilled into knee high wall peep hole.

Ow do you still hide, should I take medication stay up chewing you out! Is telling you off/ chewing you out/ spit out you disgusting on just 1 page gonna get you to convert from Evilest to a law obiden citizen! It’s worth pouring you two shots of whiskey then he he he lives for hearing or reading me talking a bout his cock cause usually get talking a bout my penis on toilet seat or anus in shower!

He finds this + that of Teddy as talking pointers this is how you do it as we are in her bedroom

Your still peeping on other masters of households beds as well. Same as Parkland. Now why doesn’t that work jerk! Cause Teddy chewing me out alike a soldier……your loving it when it’s Pure Hell.

My eyes cannot even look at someone not watch TV. To teach caught red handed Devil Eye am homeless, and alone


Mister Roosevelt having way too much fun & laughter. .

After King drifted off to sleep, visions of Sara came to mind. Now know it all knows my 4 Queens by first name only and what they look alike from snooping when really could have been at Donunos, Rite Aide, Walgreens and Busch’s and only places her and I been to in Detroit/Motor City. We we only date is jail being supervised visits only plus Holy Family Catholic Church as our date. She sticks with me. She’s a warrior whose very helpful. Mood Stablizer needs own mood changed duh. Needs much better than this Tom from behind wall said what’s that you need better of. My flaws of being unsuccessful is only due to your creepiness and lurking publically

Shoot him straight about how I feel. That this approach did Not get him to care a bout himself being laughing stock either. All smiles now Mr. Stevenson

Creator of false teeth implants Not allowed to get teeth cause Gloria working her Cover Story and almost has a break in new clue found in King & Queens heavily guarded beds.

See me smoking steam or vapor? I know you do so eyes broadcast Now entertaining bedroom all on his own just no one being creepy. But yet King you cannot talk to her she’s Not feeling security.. . . . Every time I will or manufacture, drill, or focus on her there’s interruptions from weirdo whom wants to Not just get between us but have me unload on him. No brainier Not wanting to insult me, put me in hot spot cause environments surroundings and brain being in my brain can make things happen. Now we just want my family on beach for me to play with wind, clouds of different sexual colors, and waves to be more powerful. An urge of beautifulness taken away by guy whom deserves to be pooed on. If that’s your thing we got an appointment after I WAKE for me topless and crap all over your filthy hody. Make it a date I cannot wait

He did Not text any promises- 7:(36) PM

Nail stake out weirdos….if I had to jump up after wake and notice window was open all night. . . . . . Then surely all gonna tell King with non compliant codes enforcement. Tell me Host took advantage of ME body and fondled me plus he sounded nuts like he had such a great joyful time playing with dead body.

A gain? Whom are you talking to/2!

Hen I must ask at some time when was last time I pleased you, Valentine!

Very excited for lights out here with her how a bout you Mark drilling peep hole into wall to watch 3 undress eventually you got what you wanted.

Go On & On a bout multi dollars trillionaire being poorer than poverty. Can discuss everyday dreams of just poor cause of his flaws is my flaws as handcuffed.

Well played crossword scratch lottery for $2 a gift from her since clouds was one of the words.

Nail stake out. Sticks out as weirdo plus this ticket had got 1 word. Need three words cometed in order to win lowest prize. The riddle is Satan cannot complete 30 words per dispatch alike Teddy can. Incomplete sentencing. Not confident. He’s Bi-Ookar. Vulgar. Barbarian. In fact he cannot complete a task plus even mention 3 words of our oroblem while mentioning On Air

Be a sporr support the Lord. Make me a role model that persons can say he’s playing sports, has teeth, all white I want to be just like Graveltron

Still talking streets so no reading audio posts for now. Yes could easily unload on Fred with Novels with hands tied behind back.

Now I have written it. Broadcaster thinks he’s only one whom shall see me unless I look in mirror.

Any repeats….the insult is I cannot have a sweet home voice as he and all want a show. More energy visuals illusions when Not reading out loud butt he does Not respond nor answer to those calls for help.

Just here only plus her & me Padre. Drain the Swamp you don’t allow even audio posts cause your a hog with illegal Live but really dead coverage. Dead line.

All left then. Paid in change on Miked spoke Jack doesn’t want change. That’s why paying in change. So where do you want insults to be + come from. Any ways I gotta smile and need it to be just her and I for books sake. For movies dake for influence sake. Everything wrong cause the program me was based on weirdo perv.

Not gonna work backwards and drill and copy just one time through.

All books alike these 12 I read in two weeks.

Not asking for more pressure just want honey voice sweetly pirched.

Finally just waiting on pay day during this short day. To but Valentine’s gift for her. We all know what it is but Fred wants to illegally stalk in order to s,peep

Now nobody’s got connections to speak to one another unless Tread gets me onto his channel with a receiver at my mouth. I whisper to entertain family behind walls.

Still wanna write to get treated by slave owner alike a hard worker that deserves a bonus or incentive program.

Domino’s pizza, Italian pizza out of my social class.

I cannot think of anyone but myself with this environment stalking

It hurts, seriously cannot think of others with all these laws being violated, violately

No help arrives surely he can squeeze his non sense out

Comp Esta, what just happened to be happening in thanks shower.

Yoy ever meet a person explaining what he or she does for a living while vacationing…. M . Yes a bout that guy Not explaining his job duties…

Have you ever heard of producers recording male’s or females naked in shower to make a living!

Now Crappy Jack recording me and her naked with walls in way or even doors.

That’s why I am smiling and excited & your Not I write the truth

You wanna hear still dangerous converse

Let’s talk these eyes. Cornering me in for all to notice through Present & many in World History. These eyes only broadcast making money. Your broadcast eyes don’t give a shit a bout. You wanna your company, help others, your profile, wanna help the reaction, wanna help the authority, wanna help Leaders, you wanna help your reputation. You wanna know I care about all but not your occupations radio. Make an offer for me to think about and redo terms. Well that’s it in a nut shell. Help me help you help others & stop destroying all lives like it’s a comedy. Does Not mean I am gonna work for you we don’t need you and your comments for broadcasts. But Don ‘T you think you sit too much at work and the World is awful trying to get you to stand

Sun already in Oven. Cleveland East, Chicago west. Kiddy checking on toilet tissues in bathroom all day slong

For the 4th time when eye can order pizza from Italian Restaurant eye must have my own property. Out of my leagues. Just not a bank card it’s a green. Card

He made tiny comments time for action cause I motioned I posted I can eat now. Instead that man depending on energy showing pressing update button means new post he relies on a Miked idea with walls in way plus Dominos mood almost put mr to sleep. Snoring in there

All of radio attacking me sucking. Not a secret. . . . Jan attacks Teddy, stalks + taunts her you cannot do nothing I live here. It’s mine. TEDDY ATTACKING ME & as Always radio always attacking, abusing all 3 of US.

He gonna try to set mood with drying hands after toilet pee sound, washing hands sound, count two doors closed.

Show down. Life being a Circus act to help me fight Yankees

Teddy says she took off shirt revealed bra. Jack kiss her boo boo? Have we met!

Any poo’s she said to you Jack not Rob but Jack…. . . . “hi! I am watching TV.”

Insulted at stores & red traffic signals all of radio wants to port/ suck even more Not even as you were and cheer

Got something to say all the time I appear and they hush up well Cult rejects all of em Yankees. Cult is newspapers and health

J Rob. . . . . your input is dumbfounded, you just had to slide that in. Look the show for broadcaster is with your comments turned off. That’s the future hot shot

Cracks in Glass is how Rob earns money from me.

Julia can probably go though, Millie quickly responded …. . . . . “You were saying earlier that you had Nothing to do tomorrow, Julia!”

Looking, glancing barely towards Sara. . . . . . I replied, “Only if that is okay with you, Sara.”

“O that’s fine Julia, of course you can come, Eye am planning on teaching the boys some other dance moves tHay I know. I can teach you too, if you like.”

Thatsounds great Eye answered, trying to muster some enthusiasm. For some reason though I did Not feel completely welcome & SAT there quietly while Sara continued her animated; with the boys as her main audience.

Eye suddendly noticed a familiar looking carry bag on the seat between Sara & myself + recognized it coming from my favorite clothing store and/or Designer.

Need 36″ waist pants now donated at Church of Holy Family will help me of course for hers and my only date this trip has had no eating out, zoo keeping, sight seeing, never saw Motown Museum nor was any one allowed to talk to me with excitement and I could Not create em by looking to fix insults at it’s roots. The we we have nothing in common thieves.


Rob trying take Teddy’s Virginity. Well Hell He already did in 2004

Freddie wants to play Word Games to earn him more money. Easy but NOT pleasing. Word Escape no matter what 1 says before or after even during hearing a shower on radio frequency, not in shock he wood. Whose he Jack. Jackie

No one A cold fan blowing nobody a fan of hearing shower running on a radio frequency. We I tried to turn you in but was forced to be active duty soldier

An gonna pay you a visit in a moment coming up next on your scheduled program. Traffic ain’t gonna like hearing her bathe to reach me or penetrate all 3 while never placing on a scheduled program for us to be in crowds.

Now instead counting 1, 2 doors to half bathroom closing. 2 door coupe sports muscle car yellow weirdo it’s your class + mouth why I have broken nose & now it’s a big nose

+ or – John #15 has package, over hear

Is there any reason your NEVER, Not out of breath nor in pain from working over time or under time

So you got Mic Key + Minnie Mice infiltrated our camp. Our barracks. You got options to save highest ranking and relieve all ranks + civilians….or you got toilet tank which is your temptation save or destroy

Are you Jewish/ juice or Buddha or Isla.mic!

Answer me a bout something for starters. Gurgling baby hogging. Swirling swallowing her and me whole. Your the monster toddlers cry about

Got the inside scoop? Really I told you on Myspace over 2 decades ago design everything am a trillionaire. Even birds chirpee my username

2;41 PM same updates different wording. He wanna play word games alike worm of the day caught on Manners Park Drive. Suspect sitting down on curb. The perp been peeping into homes. Whose that buzzing at 2 am last night also my packing plan back fired I need 7 pants to keep me warm. Gray or silver jeans, navy blue jeans, light blue jeans, dark blue jeans, and 3 Dock your pay “Docker’s”

You know wrinkle free if he releases and unties hostages

Wanna sound excited even when down talk about the loser whose lowest life ever. All smiles here

Did not say Bars and talking over music said my voice is pace cars vocals for all shop shoppers

Bedroom walls what! Mood of everyone shopping depends on hearing paces car tone. But there a wall in way.

Not shopping enough nor for enough. Yellow wake party crashing and insulting just you personally

Never know when your gonna have a boo boo. Back to story telling, milling. The book repeats itself using characters all about Lucifer’s lust to be lost

How Nut exciting

The three if Us together, burn, burn, burn burn : burn spundling not spunking but sounding alike brass

Just throwing words in still America demands action, addressing the public

Anywaste three of Us together, bras sound burn, burn 2:23 pm…blue outside. I said perfectly timing shouted Jackie wanna kiss my boo boo

It was dark in Hall & A DJ set up a booth on opposite end in quiet neighbors home maybe too quiet out of fear stalker might enjoy him or her we we too

Well you spoiled what Jam bought at “Buckle” now for third time insisting you buy the tickets

We just gonna stay in keep you pure perverted. As Novi, FARMINGTON HILLS does circles around US three wishing we could have a fresh start of an exciting day

Your channel + my eyes broadcast are in need of joy excitement not your big ideas for teenagers

His starting with bring streets lives into homes o rent at. Issue and top of that he does rape, makes me cry in a daze

Like I am stupid all the time, careless

Jan burn hand and he and me do not offer cold pack

Its been a long time problem that something wrong with Einsteon

Writing this man wants to be first to report her

When dad came downstairs ( lurker like no my chance to be insulted on live Miked)

When dad came downstairs later, he was wearing the tux we has rented for the dance. It has a cool red bowtie & when I tried it on, it made me feel like J aims Bond

“How do I look” he asked

World responded read magazines, books newspapers, listen to music and wander if you speak our language of arts.

Pitching 300 Miles Per Hour fastballs. Striking out feeling like a good and idiot who me nope him. He’s just handcuffed to me with all his flaws

Here’s their word play. Scratch lottery see clouds;moon;. Groceries. As he sees all shopping for practically nothing except maybe one cart if that. Take a hint….r in groceries is we have our groceries he’s complaining about not affording juice and the price just today live at first hand your occupation

He wanna child’s play word game lottery scratch

Address the public a bout home address concerns right

This is it the secret….we can fix a lot of last week’s damage tonight

If we can make something right with them then we can rake a Holiday or something like when I was onagic ship.

You just need to apologize say you had an off weak..they’ll understand…I don’t even reply

How a bout you Gregory help was her car to remove marks eyes broadcast all over it. Period. You sat and took lives and total disregard for lives and others

Eyes getting baggy, getting old of toilet bowl. There’s more to life than that man or it

Falling into toilet bowl boy, pull yourself out operator, every man for himself. That pervert has 4 doors to count with me closing 4 bathroom doors

His is weird and we’re going when you say we’re going.

Eye know say my smoke stack stick is one of my flaws. My toy not yours not sharing

Michigan History question.. True or False

Us 3 on Manor Park Drive only 3 that got buzzed by 5 watchmans’

What’s spoil alerts on any presents I purchase for family!

Nergy powered On already is showing so who the hell you think you ate and not fitting into my scheduling

Now Jack, I quickly stepped in

Jackey tried 2 give me a look, he wasn’t meant to be, job well done

You weren’t suppose to just do it a gain

If he can find evidence I cheated than I will gladly except the punishment. I forgot the evidence was showers or her talking to me as she undressed or as I caressed her breast blind folded

Ate you? Ate you ready for what he does not get ahead often

10 colon 26

Orking backwards with eyes to post what I will, who I employ.

Dad, however was giving as good as he got. He was also red in the face and stood , arms folded, staring angrily at Mr. Thomas.

“Your lying & I know it!” Mister Thomas shouted.

‘I’m Not” dad shouted-back, why are you NOT listening to me?

Mister Thomas was going purple now. I was sure that he gonna explode if no one stepped in. I was quiet happy to stand back & watch it happen, sadly he saw me. Mister Stevenson! “Mister Stevenson!”. ..he said plodding over to me & grabbing me quite tightly the my arm. “Your son is answering back to a teacher! He is questioning my authority!”

I tried NOT to laugh. “So.”

Mister Thomas’s eyes bulged. “WELL, WELL HE CHEAT E on a Math exam! He GOT an A+” (hey) …..Mister Thomas wiggled a piece of paper in front of my eyes…..eye want enough concentration on mez the anger, let’s eat. I don’t want to think only about me. Pooeyesctrick won’t work. You know opposites attract

“He had NEVER gotten higher than a D, & that was on a really good day!”

She woke up. Oh No the Math? The exam that would let me play in the match not half of the season. I realized I had to come to some serious damage control here. Right now what the Hell are you waiting for shrinking my world to just bring our up live on your baby, to just insult you is this new posts as always defense is greens + giving. He was grinning as sun shine making us wrinkle but that man you stalk could be helpful if you came, out from closets, back seats, back room h

Where their all taped

TV got what pill I took without torture. Without wash boarding. And they boarding me in a 4 Queens + King home

I smiled at principal, yes well done Tommy, maybe having a nerd in class wasn’t too awful


Mrs. Kent narrowed her eyes and looked around the room for anything suspicious.

She turned (stomach) to me. “I see” she said quietly

It was this exact moment that Gary noticed/ decided he had too much candy to eat while pretending to be a bsrbian, and threw up all over his desk on a large eruption of vo,mit. MICHIGSN MITT DHAPE

The girls near him jumped him, screaming. Other students tried to take photos with their phones light bulb.

It was gross. Mr. Kent gave me a look with raised eyebrow same line used as closing front door as he lurking silently with nothing to produce for King alike all ages.

I do Not expect you want to clean that up, eye asked

Danger zone constantly and gurgling

It’s not boring it’s do you want to be friends first before adding me to your tramps list of your Dority , Sority. Spelled wrong sordid

Missing an eye

The girls near him jumped him. Story time grand kids gather around. Your grand mother is Mrs. America. The other three are Not serving with. You all might think your soldiers ready to see doctor for me but I an not taking that away just saying my story is the story all need to preach to children. Trillionaire just wanted constant talks about her and o on date all wxpensives paid by thieves and all agreed to the cause, taught me the Cause

Teeth return give me space. Now what else do I have to repeat cause your nagging, attacking to hear me whisper, I will show you I am not on radio performing

You gonna sit there not please Creator of aging not gonna give me hope nor admit you were wrong your mental. Put us all through hell but you still earning money with respecting the sources. Sources are Not gonna surptise nor sure you. Laughing stock to make us smile. Creator getting bad images due to what you call special treatment itsorevthan abusing Creator and enough about me and my stuff. I want to shop for her and family. Making me handcuffed to me making me feel self centered and selfish

Tell us what you do kno

Atlas I construct how to repair, fix cause cannot have that be shown of my profue .from Cukt

Maybe this will work Mistreat Dreyfus (Dryfist) at office having the 3 of US do all the work without patbie one complaint. Be compliant

You employ all patients in doctors offices’ + hospital beds.

Also I shaved bottom lip which steroid never knew I had one

Garden Vegetable want me spread my ribs on shower wall. Weirdo we need money to eat, shop

Youknow the anserr but want next word game

Want people’s world back no lurking.; No recording; no broadcasting

Gotta talk to myself in agower + bathroom cause he wants something. Sorry no poo poo for you, from you this time

This 1 connected to that 1

He gonna speak to himself and no one on phone and say “don’t you just love it.”.

What you gonna do call me or report breaking racing News eye showered in Michigan

We need money to vacuum if that’s what you call work. I and her not doing chores for you to stay rent free and you don’t behave as a parent with children nor child, your crazy

Now need a gain servants house keeping, maids to Vacuum carpets. My eyes. Cannot do it and juggle these weekly routines. Same with cleaning bathrooms.

You got all grinning cause you hurt all of ours feelings but your happy + delightful to destroy manuacturer. Of semen.

That was pure borem Satan and you tried to make it sound so much louder than it was, right

Didn’t exist but he’s your boyfriend! Yeah well I thought he was

H asked you to the dance yet?

“No” Holly said quietly.

My heart sank in my chest. Molly was having second thoughts about us all because of dad.

I knewwe should have stayed home again today. But no dad really wanted to go in


Jack + Jasmine 4Eva in little pink hearts. It sends a shiver down my spine just thinking a bout it.

As I considered how to deal with the situation (could I just lock Jasmine in a cupboard? Are teachers allowed to do that? ) I side-steppee closer to Holly + Tom to eavesdroppedly on their converse)

( I was careful to stare in opposite direction so they wouldn’t know I was listening).

I don’t get it, Tom said. Why is he acting like that.

“I don’t know Holly said, ” he acted as if I didn’t exist today.”

Steven thinks it’s alright for my nose and hands to walk out in the cold; hi-king,hell-o I didn’t know ; “hi-c”

He never says bless you or she or me should put clothes on we are on air in 5

Gist trying to earn money for the weak + suffering. Ted said No. Darn Vegetable Garden messing with Creators brain and talks of everyone nearby

Is not that funny SJ a garden vegetable Hardy har har boys

How do I get paid to pee environment am I lazy or w,hat

Old song these eyes…these eyes rolling Everytime you hide….these eyes….how do I get paid also for brushing teeth. Alright now time to go entertain real workers with pace tone and hi + bye. No electronics goona hear pace cars tone

I heard em pirates speak a bout me gotta smoke and wait for em to speak so I can join in

Look jerk your too slow to be kind towards most powerful man. She’s not your tramps and you would not want others to know your peeping on Mrs. AMERICA

Can only play these phone games for ten minutes alike shopping or gotta wait 24 hours or splurge with money. Invest

O you want to play find one item so you can discuss. We have drama unfolding much to top off on fill up/ feel up

So I go to mega store and Tom follows I got one item

Nowadays the GameKid 3D Trademark is an old console. Since t,hen, they have released the GameKid 3D Mini., GameKid Pro 3D, GameKid Mega, and more recently the GameKid Virtual Tour Plus, (which is super awesome)

He said I dare you to kiss Jasmine Walder! I was reluctant at first, but Tom told me if eye didn’t do the dare, not only will I Not be able to play GainesKid 3D but I would also be labeled as Jack, King of the whimps for all of eternity.

All books, products about you handcuffed to me perpatrator

I begged Mathew to let me have a go. I said I would do anything. I would buy him candy, I wood give him toys, anything just please let go of your hostages and take me instead? Mathew was one of those that like to make mischief, so he said he let mr. Go if I completed his dare. Naturally I said yes!

The GameKid Virtual Version came out and I really want it. Besides been trying to get my dad to BUY Me 1 for weeks.

But when this Happ-end the GameKid 3D had ONLY just come out and I wanted a Go (with callers on phone). Mathew even had the adventures of Kron which was and (still is) the best game box ever.

Why did I specially want to avoid her? Specially the star and focus of his attention, hiding, avoiding, depriving

Wwll that another story.

7:14 AM. + The dance committee ran by 10th graders, and the drama teacher Mrs. White , had really gone all out this yrar. . Glitter pens (penis/9on tress, after all.

The dance was only a few weeks away. It was when the coolest kids got to be their coolest

Naturally I wood have been one of the stars of the dance.

Eed more than poverty’s Social Security nan.

I looked down at the body I was in. I looked at the tight, uncomfortable, shirt& TIE that dad made me wear & the black shoes that Pinched my feet. How did anyone wear stuff like this and that?

Mr. Stevenson, Samantha, a s,mall girl from 8th geade, ran up to me

Go away, I snapped / smiled

She stared up at me with big brown eyes that slowly filled with tears& then she ran away. Oops

Friday we taking a date to homeless shop at Church food Church donations garage freebie walk through for our first date of this trip. Or help me get right size pants for Winter weather. Why is it you broadcasters know all my clothes but Never broadcast pictures messages chat board or put up a chat room as you park to hear the public’s point of view about you

Illumi ati will get into your head, send decodable messages and eye will explain the language to classroom of just one station

Are you talking to Coconut Creek Dealerships waiting for me with changes is a new year and we want sound, action, motor driving not ever walking. Now you gotta be told with death, diseases, repairs, the cost your ten bucks that your not willing to tip me

Name one person that benefits from your reporting at neighbor’s house, surely they gotta be silent to set you up for a fall

Show well control

Owl, eye ball, eye hole, hide and sneak under covers, press seek on radio

Are you really thinking after all you caused body will suggest meeting me or giving food before disgustingly taking toilet TANK

. so youbknow what channel it is! Teddy says before eye wake. If we made any noises take a look to eveluate what you saw or heard, take a peep ……then ani.ate what she was doing without saying.. yup daily basis.

I place head phones on when Teddy is doing chat with speech to text transfer as voice is keyboard…no butting in. She is trustworthy and beyond, she lives Me, I live her, plus we have special connection, and no snooping, stalking , shesy destiny and I am her destination. Meant to be together but what I am preaching is meant for all to intercept messages to Freddie’s secret email inbox. Ok he told all on himself he’s first here to read it by racing Skilling visual eyes power to track down and cyber stalk when making a new post the with Dow or tab refreshes than he takes over. Tim followed and tipped too much . Said take a seat this is how you earn money listen to her do all his work.

7 Pants packed all size 32 pants for wist size

0all 7 pants packed in checked bag in order to look great and be ready for Winter as temperatures art in the 20 degrees Fair In Height

but am a size 34 waist

need survival clothes for cold….Everyone waiting on radio station to offer me something or call me. It’s more than insulting he has ruined all lives and reason I am Not rich is he’s perverted with teenagers.. Could tell him in public that would be their treasure hunt for more words and he waits for me to came home…Einstein I do Not have a home. Showing signs of a struggle without renting car, without hotel….your upsetting Creator that you have to be my girlfriend and butt in constantly that eye cannot talk to her unless mentioning you my butch

also Not gonna lose weight cause want Freddie to know I am a Man Not a bikini model in shower, bed, on John

he needs me I need me too boy, just help for crying out loud

12:04 AM+ wander what nickname Commander in Chief has in store for pervert hosts alike Alberto Squeeze my finger! Fart noises….Let’s Not forget Moody also gets Cartoon Comics involved. Wanna be handcuffed to me well nobody gonna allow it for free. Great Design. We Will Continue Rocking you babies.

+ Mathew can you do basic math that more than me is struggling, beING used like tramps as your toys…..Can you do Math amstgew and solve the problem you never speak of as I am shopping in and out plus walking ….but aKenny Can Can(e) you solve, make the repair with communications handsome Devil.

If I wake and you didn’t hang up. How will he know I am on other side of wall and hide from him if he tunes a radio. I see what all are doing to you. It’s not as great as you make it out to be. Was a super arket mega super store and spent $0.90 360 days of year for 8 years

My flaws is your flaws as you take our lives. Is not it nice to have back up willing to do anything for you

Your back up wants you to make a choice as an operator. You continue to extend your hell

Your such a tease if you gonna help yourself and others….to have me on your show. Mood is gonna smoke with powerful eyes as broadcast, it’s your fault teasing me if you could be nice

If there was more traffic I would stay up fighting, but warrior needs a response.

Yup say one liner he star of video whose a warriorwe know eye change mood smoking so help me shop, we all enjoy hearing me at registers. Just not enough times out there in town

Also cannot smile and smoke same with eating. Can quit if he gives ten bucks on gofundme

Devil you alike naked babysitters that’s too constant, gag order sordid

I am glad nobody else is alike these 5 watch man’s. I refuse to cell em men

So what will it be Jack this and that waste bucket, all chips in for rooting for sex…or be a professional businessman. Make me an offer no contracts that eye cannot refuse. Am in need it’s very obvious as you gighle

Don’t insult my intigence

Roadsmaster your listening to Teddy twinkle….why don’t I get same treament as her! Would have saved a lot of old news of shot in head and head on collisions

She goes nothing unless I speak as she twinkles I go hosts says for ten year olds, penis and anus not even the shower scenes maniac