January Eleventh

How much weight did you lose in your nuts peeping in bed hi jacker

What do we have under here a package and am not flirting with you

Yankees causing weather disturbances whether their for realorneed to e topped off to get cash frome.

We team America might have seated meant defeated Yankees. Cowboy bandanas. Interesting that my footwork brought that importance to your lap. But you address silence for more amusement instead of standard procedures. Gonna smoke a gain and sleep your penis longer now cause the father showed you what you sit on all the way back in 2012 or 2013

Why no phone call to give excitement plus reading. Booking

Not a rich website in Fortune these

I am crying in one eye hard asses. Making me smoke cause your mean. Totally absurd to Americans to just laugh and be in silence.

R you aware how annoying g you creeps are at radii


What Miked is doing on wrong side of wall with Jennifer is genocide

Miked just banged usctwo on bee. His peniscso very small I did not feel it in my belly button

Ifarr and double take replies oh yes juicy juice

Wanna discuss Jeff Dalmer arrested by bath police, pretty much simple showing all the time I need help. But that’s under looked, and turned into humor witch is not funny Kardashians mother thanks. You find this funny. With her help got more serious

Radiobeveryonevsupports me but use

Trying be nice to all of radio in closing of Twelfth. 11:22 PM. Unless they just teasing me again sniking 2 smokes. You know 100’s are life span nax due to their criminal acts

Any station call me gonna focus on miked channel as a way to smile and laugh

Read pouring you 2 shots if risk key

Had .to think long and hard about turning you on radio since you teased. Requires money up front or gifts. Also would end car accidents your reading and War so my team expects me to be the bigger man and accept (septic) your offer

Gotta follow rules you cannot have me read on microphone to neighborhood between 8 PM- 8 AM than back wall in way or in car with windows shuts it’s mission i.possible to be on your show and heard

Go get your own Mrs. America. Your in our asses, yup gotta curse here and there cause I’d radios silence, perversion, abuse

RrglOk gave it your way take toilet from more than 3 Superiors 6

Very close to Great Lakes for moon beam but you very close to bed and stalls

The book eye am reading pardon interruption trying chill with my home….the book is The Delicious Devil. Devil in Disguise

And fear overshadowed everything else. And you Kathlean asked. Sera smiled as her hand stroked her stomach. I am very happy replied Vampire

The father has no choic w in his life……..TV. is serious as stuff…very important to finish surgery plus TVe not me drilling. They could Not ever feel me out with passing in under 5 seconds plus it’s not live.

Every song, book knows exactly what I am up to and theres only entertainment that in the works

Now Dryfist Dob’t give up. Your tower is airborne.

The same reality that crashed on her &knocked out her joy, the same reality that robbed her of all her happiness she intially felt.

Ready for new projects a gain You pick the book out than. Most likely your gonna be spoken about but at least we in present past future you may keep your pride if you do do right

Know right from wrong. You act as though you know double you. But you robbed double you bed, money and it’s the Mood that you enjoy ruining. It’s the many issues surrounding your hack of a 1 trade a traitor. A teaser. A hider but not chicken. How am I gonna like you if you do what you do with hideout after shop robberies!

Do you want me to suggest history books and drilling or just perform with happy ending. That’s all it took to get you to change your idea of a great time for an audience. Your not bashful your getting bashed up and down, left to right. All over but you still won’t stand up for anyone including yourself

Mayebe your a manakin / dummy

How many nam s on your shows today and nothing for those three stars in Novi but everything for all…..now a gain do you comprehend there’s others ways to make money with moving around. Why I cannot stay in one spot is so all hear me whisper

Cantstandza are you understanding riddle of gender reveal parties. Name of child Revelations! Wake up stop smoking your penis on us three. You know what I do when I get blood flowing gonna teach all ages again a bout your chair. Envision a chair and you rocking. Please sit with toes on floor only get off heals.

We need chang w your stuffed from all the food you ate as her and I split a footling sub. I was talking also about break fast …do you know riddle if break fast ends hell and all dying. All that were gonna die don’t cause you broke the fasting. Too important her

Since Sun gone gonna talk to you differently not rely on drill as much….cause it’s obvious stuff.

Eye Lord gonna carry all traffic with one ear, web site, TV on without traffic hearing what’s mentioned as always well until motel…..I do the watching sirs. First watch been here 5 minutes…..text me. Call me we need you to. Yup gonna be exciting. Continue calling me all the time. Let me tell you my scheduling and when I can fit you into my tasks. No more hijacking. Hi Jack she’s in bed. Nipples against bra. You have something she doesn’t have an occupation making money for what she says

Do us a favor be first to post about me on your social site. And repeat until someone taps your should rs and you read your too …..obsessed plus obsessively in future tense. You help won’t get restraining orders. You already doing time. You just don’t know it. Your in Supreme Court my brain

That was a repeater

I don’t wanna sleep final gavel answer

Your credit card on my Uber app. I will pay for my own food. After all those Uber rides you gonna stand me up to start mourning…and leave me worried a bout simple food. Way too much weight here for my and others lives to have this over looked as something wrong with him. Yeah Uber gonna cost more than $6 round trip to just spend $6 or less

Want another $6 well stay seated

Well we all could have saw her in shower(s)….if my most powerful eyes looking. Now I gotta go blind folded to NOT reveal and sight or sounds of privates

Dyou copy on the sounds area. One crime to peep. Then add electronics recording…then never going away sure us stranger. Now your a full blown stalker is. No reasons for this. Do you want superiors or anyone to forgive son!

The price tag ends your hell my mind being used, teased, distracted, interrupted, attacked constantly stan….4:52 smiled afterwards you know after post

Besides, there was something more, another reason why she had to go, why she wanted nothing but shelter and protection.

And hewsits instead of texting with his cell phone while land line flashing her going….it’s a start whio it out

4:43…mouty open not smiling still fighting a battle until he gives in……..yes he’s caved in at desk while using arms rest. My guess he’s 5’8″….Stans Not want me to have a life, wants me dead asleep to wait to pounce on me, the predator wants me alone. B the Sun be alone. The rain b alone no helping eyes….the do you wish to be continually Butch slapped …..well eyes see food. Eyes cannot spend the $200. Plus you got bandannas on ready to pull over throat and nose and then go stick up all shops in Motor City’s energy within. No electronics transfer. Since birthday. Noticed transformer is connected to past with the eyes not sound? Anyways your a sound freak I am an eyes major. Miracles dreams for broadcaster but your back tracin….I want a picture of her and I….what do you want as back ground scenery more memories to tie you in?

You had me smoking like nothing matters in your secret disfunctiibal, disbelief world of yours.

Are you a believer I am a superior where family is my superiors…Aces. I am King u are Jack a face card celeb.

I feel the love but how can you get excited, smile, groan, without making changes for us gray hair folks.

DoNot continue

Need your station ID for me to make you a special counsel. How about you rent any house for her and I in Detroit…..and a gain only eye? Well would be in your trap…..but all would adjust and slightly calm down and have hope. It’s an option that just saying you don’t have to steal to achieve

Told him half hour ago want to go dine in which is unusual for me but no children at IHOP at 4:29 an. And if he helps can drop all charges

4:28 could Not smile this post to lift him up….The passing traffic the passing the weak + suffering really want to hear something tuned in. I just been told to hush up for 3 hours. But you continue attacks. The passing cannot comprehend your ideas with block in way and how quiet I am unless at register or how many times been alone. She mean anything to you Stephanie alike an American Icon. A woman soldier icon the Force Consulting….well she has needs, bills, worries, and this is too simple. On too of complications why don’t you want to actually be near us two without using an electronic that takes away, diminishes sound pick up. Than adds walks and distance in pocket or purse.

Startling. That’s how you start and end shifts waiting for common sense to be told yo your hideous hideout. What’s your mission statement with couple in bed. Stan says it’s not a bed. It’s not raining it’s not snow or sun. Blue wind is his ass and hers. Makes me the coolest guy ever they just flood my hideout with flashing lines if any motion sensed due to energy powered on. Would not Moody need more money to play with energy if what to exactly purchase such as chef salad and beer at Duffy’s us last resort if we have to repeat just introduce yourself and mission statement. Please I have employed you with work of outgoing no incoming….I can make that baby if yours entertaining and clean cut. I need haircut. Hairs can be seen from you boring me to bed. I am not boring. Not saying you are saying you need to work

What Powers do you have. Talk about yourself a friendly surgery tip on Carnivals Magic Ship

Eye and others are Not getting their due respect and it’s not money…..cannot look at creations to be a warrior. All you all have seen is energy eyes/ energized looking at thighs smoking or floor being dazed these publishes does not make me money alike your handsome self

I have a problem I wanna take your show to Denny’s……..but it’s I HOPE cause soldier has imaginary cane? Any ways cannot carry these diseases and go to sleep……next need my and hers motel room we need fast food. To go food from Moody Tuesdays….many restaurants to help her want me and me do what I can to have others enjoy her and me in public. Drug store in + out. Bandannas gone in 60 seconds….how many grands you owe that you may get us with GoFundMe. Grand theft auto. Bait car to have me see others again instead of me finding wall to look opposite direction as tendering at clerk that cash in hand is a riddle about you loser. Name calling is a start I am not he she is not your tramps. Man to man on phone I read a book you help me purchase. Michelle Obama’s $15 book. Out of my league plus these books should be handed to me if you were Not strange

All radio treats Michelle like your wish is my command?

Do you have any connections in Detroit giving you head that can wet my wallet, well paper is as dry as the Su heating process. Point still got across

Look am up not drinking beer and sleeping all the time. I need my life + house. Starts with yellow calling me and hanging up flashing lines

3:59 AM. Dyna and I have Not sat on a couch and watch TV. Since west Boca which was before Jan 1st of 2012.

.next he will say something wise like Star of TV.

Something wrong with him/hand cuffed to moron.

Well a simple couch and TV. Was Not purchased at drug store nor corner store nor marts right Martinez’s. Stan is a class clown. Sit in corner with hat on. Does that make that line a riddle a bout wackos as broadcasters. You get bragging rights to exactly what, I yndid her bra! Kissing sounds to fill in

Am insulting your brain many times Mort. Gonna continue until you be a businessman with dignity.

Eye cannot believe the night is over you Port/suck hugely Lugi. 3:36 AM

Insult my intelligence I spelled it out wrong. Luigi. More insults for him will be dished out

Call me Sheffield/ chef feel me…thanks Holy Catholic Church of Holy Family for the brand “Sheffield”

Lousie eye cannot read books out loud in public until you are nice towards her and me and respectful. All the sexual content in books is your perverted. Big shot hard ass with only hard hat is her and me in motel room.

Yeah Stormy we got teddy bear talking up a storm with blood flow from attacks….but what about the cure to Weather mister over looked his big idea of actually benefitting anyone else but himself

Freddie all 5 watchmen. Plus week end shifts…..I want you happy. But your in the way peeping into public restrooms publically and laughing hysterically.

Stan you stare and eye am dazing plus in need of workers around house to power on energy, hurry, fast, pronto, giddy up

Freddie you don’t amaze anybody you daze US especially me with idioticriscy

Homework define daze to see your evilest affects on whom has receivers not push button to talk to you

Susie the Vampire was determined to stay and face it! Other than Michelle revealing to the police where the body was…..they had no proof Jacob ever came to see her. Eventually he was written off as a unsolved disappearence…..and the police left em alone and so had Michelle.

Sea was grateful that they would not be starting their lives as wanted criminals.

We all agree your past 20 years coverage creepily feels like 200 years. Failure. LllWhat was reason you helped your dick instead of my family! You the ones whom loves the attention being talked down to since on internet red eyes. Do you think or have an idea what next publish is and whom about. …maybe a taker of all lives thinking he the man in demand/demon

Let’s go back to work. Especially you mister 5th watchman. You think we’ll your tipping ideas of dark arts due to stupidity.

The happy ending requires you to come out the closet or back seat of car just wsiting, following but like me says nothing. At least I say bless you when anyone sneezes around me especially if hosting main character on my baby.

Sera tossed the last of her clothes into a box and closed the lid.

Announcer that’s too much undressing butt your keeping medics, ER busy with dressings.

The water ran red as he gently washed it from her hair and body.

Tats your main goals/ gross/ grow up adult

This guy/ hand cuffed

Stepping from shower, he wrapped her with a towel and carried her back to bed.

Are you enjoying the phone as much as I am!

That’s all you got

We can stop aging, grey hair if you were to have my mouth on micro computer reading book. Go back to Creator sees creations and all stop eye am following even if true. We are handcuffed

Why is this Not on your show in interview!

The thing nobody has questions but treasure hunts to help me

Don’t make an assumption that her and I are genuinely on your show. Signing autographs. Action Movie requires movement. Such as driving but no mic in our personal lives. We are Not looking to employ you Freddie. Willing to something for you. Shut down stop acting like you only 1 in show business to come to your station is what you do. You don’t help anybody including yourself. Yup your aggravating to work with as you hide and dare do what you do. Do you want to be forgiven! Subway shocked how excited I sound with her. Need, require me spending to talk more often. Get around Michigan. Teddy needs a vacation. You told her she needs sex in bedroom or motel as you have exclusive rights. Talking a bout free dumb your the dumb and only dumb ones work at your station causing Creator too much negative thoughts for human lives

Needs balcony, 4 phones, small tripod sold at retail stores about a foot high. Your high on your foot long sub Satan. Or low. Me fighting to lead and smile. Make it easier stop making this a impossible task Chairman get me hired.

Free you disregard V Battle gonna unload on you.

You gonna donate? Then talk to me first.

GoFundMe up in under 4 .5 minutes

Just getting started with heads up/ “7-Up” Sherlock Holmes

Think about it 7 is Northbound, up there

Teddy knows I am fully loaded and standing up for myself as spoke about with dumbass handcuffed to me.

Drilling trillions of books you bother all us. Next he might say being connected to history with energy in present……Leader is the mood. Yup without food but you snorting white things that sure ain’t cloud’s

It really didn’t matter right now.

Hold this he told Mike

2:02 AM…Friday night. Signing off 2:05 AM…unless Freddie texts me or calls

Liam couldn’t lose her. That refers to all of our family planning on planned Parenthood which is leaving in a box or ashes. All that can halt if Liam they Vampires stops feeding frenzy and asks me to be in show.

Bt he’ll disappear into the bathroom is the point of focus Liam with brown eyes wants to address the public’s intetest

O54 213 7886

Because of Red Eyes Not gifted…..nor sharing nor forgiven…..eyes am NOT allowed to see others nor girlfriend’s. Not even allowed to Drive cause Butch got steamier ideas.

Yellow, blue, brown, red, orange say he’s really into the word laughingly. It’s life. Now Devil snort your white powdered tubs, toilets, toilet paper, trash cans, lounge chairs, meant stop it FYI

Any product or brand tell you off! That’s my eyes creations and we cannot go out and shop plus give you action I spoke shopping plus spending. Eye am very quiet unless reading. You cannot penetrate my mouth with barriers…not even in cars

Yur lurking in backseat with butcher knife bloody but still cannot hear me give readings, check mate

That’s the story and I am sticking to it

Bipolar broadcaster you owe me for this session. Payment due eye do Not enjoy being called deliquent hand cuffed to you

If you had any class you could figure out what to do for her. For the many you think your friends with. You made a mistake. But these insults Don’t go away as you continue insulting my intelligence

You wanna play sneak attacks as long as wye Don’t power On or turn you on. Lunatic all ate tunwd in wandering if you can do one thing right that laws do not forbid. Contact me or else from 4 corners if Earth. Or else has extensive lists. You’ll face that list on TV News

Eye cannot pee in drunken red Solo cups to show world you wood, personally eyes require magazine to block general area as you share with all ages

Talk to me how many hours or minutes you want me to work for you doing all the footwork….make an offer. Stores gotta stop. Unless you wanna pay whole city and be sued. Fences means nothing to you. The News is very defensive a bout you and it’s pure Hell. He will do this and only this and not enjoy being a celebrity due to Freddie’s deaf grip. I don’t see shit. Not even her. Cause if you I walk sidewalks as all wish you had a brain. Eye think you do but some where your list and Don’t want to invest even if ending all Investigatiibs. You know you DonnaπŸ˜€ wanna take risks

Is that the life of it….eye gotta buy one. You can see the line. Now blood trails Freddie leaves behind with bandannas I we brown nose

He desperately hoped it wasn’t too late, that she already slipped a line he would not be able to cross….tender

Liam the Vampire took the towels Mike offered……and pressed them against her SIDE. Sera moaned as she lay there unconscious

She doesn’t look so good he replies she will be fine as long asπŸ˜€ we get blood in her

I nor her are saying her here. Beth’s room not for resale. Same with kitchen creep. It’s Not my eyes slowing down traffic but warning about you, tears flow out of eye but all know this energy but Freddie banks on this

Red eyes announces a gain that lay in bed and eye sat beside her as he pulled back the shirt….see or read the problem and root of all Evil is your perverted notice eye spoke to you and not typed he is perverted but wrote your perverted.

What’s you sirs about x us s to Knot have me on your show by calling me. πŸ–οΈπŸš¦πŸšhiding talking to yourself. You want mouth than I read after I pick up your call

O54 213 7886

We accept calls anytime you build courage, confidence that your the evilest ass hole

Are you sure watchers your red eyes are reading my posts to help me and sun battles? All watch shifts?

Her body would do the rest on her own?

I’ll get some towels Mike yelled.

Liam the Vampire barely heard him as he strode across the room with Sera. He head lollee against his shoulder.

Blood seeped through the shirt he had wrapped around her. It now ran down his stomach To wet the edge of his jeans and skin. Normally the amount of blood she lost wouldn’t be a concern, but she was still so new and unaware of her abilities

He took her hand, halting her from touching him. Their gazes had same blood lusts he felt as they stood over the remains of the men.

Jack was holding the arm of the one with broken arm + shattered nose.

His eyes was still ablaze as they settled on her.

Angeleyes cried out as Vampire ripped through her clothes, tore through her skin, and sliced across her ribcage. Vampires arm went for cheekbone

Ara fought to get free but he couldn’t let her out………..these men would destroy her if he did. (callers). Make your call

First watch did you leap over the fire to get here……..how many settlements in between here and Miamish or Hollywood, FL

When energy publishes pizza pie, bagel with cream cheese +jelly, 7-11 Slurpee….. don’t wait to rob everything I got….or make us miss food, snacks…..room service hotel still needed stop putting banadanas on to rob our povertish wallets or purse. Paying with silver…do you need further instructions to have history witness what my eyes do and tell you to appear your destroying Everyone but your penis

You can survive without Beth? Are workers can you say the same….Liam dig deeper into Beth’s throat, he wanted to rip her throat out, destroy her, tear/tear her apart

His hold on Beth involuntarily tightened, and his fingers dig deeper into her flesh period

The man holding Sera by throat laughed as the other two men crept forward.

Arw you sure you never watched a movie or read book about you handcuffed to her and eye.

This is us depressed and down and insulting his intelligence

Do you think you failed at game or life! Want to discuss or give you an adjustment reading or continue insulting you

Mood your Not having as good as a time possible with your angle

Bellowed let her go as he had his hand wrapped around Beth’s throat (Freddie put us talking between twinkle star + Superior)

That really does upset you that I talked to her as she go and Freddie laughed but it ain’t good darn funny

Want me to tell you what World Leaders want. Hang up phone call mine

Sitting duck got hunted by everyone to make a wise choice. Said I am angry and am mood. Freddie does get my family being attackly…gets our blood flowing and causing Earthquakes storms, Volcanoes but boxes star invader Nevers follow this arthimetic

All medical are busy cause your a weirdo and too strange to be in motel, Parkland, Kissimmee, Kiddy land, children’s mass, wife perverted and proud of it Freddie laughs it all off from chair

Okay Rocker Scientist…eyes am the mood and what do I always publish? Duh

He was alone, could Not beat em watchers alone. Freddie oblivious to boxes and every person dying cause of his pervery hideous hideout. Next all call me weirdo or something wrong with our world and World Leaders as Freddie repeats perfect in motel perfect for a show like we are his tramps that he won’t pay. Now all read this message as it typed but red eyes needed to read disregard and repeat insults at himself

Butt it’s about money and life

It hurts I don’t see shit cause you want poop

Teddy said stop talking to yourself at 7-11 as giving reading. The mental part is I am handcuffed to operator speaking to himself.

Long ass cord is his penis. Seated.

Said we almost threw up we said Freddie almost stood up

Look all stop dying,πŸ† and diseases go away and most come back from dead after your done with perverting + hiding to make a living

All back ups

Siren saying Nope no sun battle if Free Freddie the thief continues this way

Ats 3 weaks with fighting as a warrior

Fred life or fantasy! In your sales pitches

Butting in Fred did you want her and eyes in Kiddy Land Motel or Knights In. Well call is coming in operator

Tempting, irrestable, pressed. His body against mine in bedroom, bathroom, porch, front door as it opens or closes

Take too much and not my mouth which is ready to unload on you unless you make a change

I am Not changing, you sir are in contempt of court

Broadcaster Jesse wanted bandana and cane at airport. Guess we lost the sales pitch of his outcome of violating World Leaders. Just a little violating you think

PLu’s Coward has police equipment and announces my text messaging like he asked a question…my photos, passwords, web site visited it’s stalking to make money and remind all a gain he repeated what all already saw with energy.

Nergy powered on with silence setting up Coward whose nuts about me and sticks his penis on my thighs to tease me

Now doesn’t want to mention what he do do to Teddy bear

Fred said he will go after Beth himself!

Fred will go out of his way to snatch her

Well if you don’t follow rules God knows who will too

Still accepting gifts. No stalling parking, announcing couple in master bedroom

Your Not staying here unless help me your gonna come after her + me yourself

O the set up you back about

His nostrils flared, what? Spoke to himself a gain?

Maybe Tom you did NOT touch the right spot on the glass.

Broadcaster your dealing all US our life spans and laughing Plus Not wanting change you just don’t fit into Society world wide.

We all know the father is ready to unload on Sitcom….Mr. Sitcom wants me to insult him with more than Music, News ,Mood. Name time and place and recheck calling my phone. You cannot hear anything. Same as Parkland was boarding planes…..it’s not how cruise ship Magic was

We would still be here, leaving isn’t going to solve his case without papers

Carson go to show grounds there’s lots of stalls for your type of fetish.

Carson wants to go to show grounds tonight.

Fred didn’t care a bout me not seeing others and alone cause of him.

Carson thinks it’s neat, now the action starts he announces. Not neat we need meats.

Carson wants to repeat turning our insides out